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July 2016

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How to Improve the Performance of your Next Asphalt Project

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The game changing additive proven to increase strength and performance of asphalt.

Transportation officials throughout the country are already experiencing the benefits from our innovative fiber additives. The game changing patent pending asphalt additives created by Surface Tech, and known as AQU and ACE Fibers, are proven to make asphalt roadways stronger, more crack and rut resistant and longer lasting.

Concurrently, private sector owners and contractors are also taking advantage of this innovation. AQU and ACE fibers are being used for projects tied to all other asphalt surface uses. These additives also can provide a surface reduction of the topcoat, in a value-engineered manner, to help allay costs and still reap the benefit of extended life.

Are you ready to increase the quality, efficiency and life span of your next asphalt project?

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