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August 2016

In the Details: Meticulous Preparation, Precise Dosing

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Special care is essential to successfully working with a lightweight fly-away-prone product like aramid.

asphaltWhen disbursing ACE Fibers into asphalt, exacting preparation, dosing and oversight work in harmony to ensure ease of use and an effective and long-lasting final product.

The three major components to our process are preparation, dosing, and a Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) program. Here’s a deeper look at these important components.
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Surface Tech Tradeshow Booth

Stop by Surface Tech Booth #2053 at APWA PWX for Chance to Win a Go Pro Hero

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Sign up for a pilot project using 100TE of ACE Fiber to see first-hand its process and benefits.  Doing so automatically enters you in the Go Pro drawing.
Surface Tech is putting ACE Fiber and our other signature asphalt additives in the spotlight at the APWA Public Works Expo (PWX) in Minneapolis, August 28-31, 2016. Visitors to our exhibit, Booth #2053, will be introduced to these innovative products and learn how ACE Fiber makes asphalt significantly stronger and longer lasting.
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The Story of Surface Tech; Leaders in Innovation

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SurfaceTech CEO Nick Slinde

Surface Tech CEO Nick Slinde has always been “hyper entrepreneurial.” When he saw the need to make roads and highways stronger, safer + longer lasting, he jumped at the opportunity to drive innovation in the category

I am often asked how a Portland business lawyer came to be the CEO of an asphalt additives company.

I began my career as an associate lawyer and eventually founded Slinde Nelson Stanford (// in early 2009.  The cornerstone of our firm was a desire to deconstruct the traditional style of legal service and create a deeper business relationship with each of our clients.
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Infrastructure: How to Solve the 40-Year Problem

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asphalt additives

“In addressing taxpayer concerns, there are new technologies that address achieving designed life expectancies of our roadways. Why aren’t we embracing these new innovations?” asks Surface Tech President, Steve Santa Cruz. Innovative additives, such as ACE Fiber, are proven to significantly boost life, performance and ultimately safety of roadways.

“Imagine if half of the roadways and interstates weren’t available to carry the traffic, goods, energy, and food we rely on. What happens to the economy and survival of this country?” asks Joe Dennis, Lead Engineer for BreakThrough Technologies. Interstates and roads connect our country’s people and commerce. The construction and maintenance of our roads is a critical issue – and at the very center of what Dennis calls the “40 year problem”.
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