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January 2017

ASMBL: Surface Tech Digital Platform’s Enhanced BIM Module Simplifies Design and Estimating Processes

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ASMBL concreteThe revolutionary new Surface Tech E-platform integrates innovative technology into the concrete industry, providing interconnectivity as well as practical solutions for concrete manufacturers and contractors. The program’s TRKR™ (e-commerce), CMPLYNC™ (mobile application) and ASMBL™ (e-content) modules enable optimization of projects. This article focuses on ASMBL.
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CMPLYNC: Surface Tech Mobile Application Actively Manages Concrete Project Compliance

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The just-released Surface Tech digital platform, which empowers concrete manufacturers and contractors with interconnectivity, incorporates three major modules: CMPLYNC™ (mobile app for compliance and safety), TRKR™ (e-commerce) and ASMBL™ (e-content). In this article, we’ll provide an overview of CMPLYNC, a solution that actively manages compliance and safety issues.

CMPLYNC is a mobile application built to address and streamline compliance and safety issues. The app improves job site and transportation safety and mitigates the risk of construction defect claims.
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TRKR: Surface Tech Digital Platform Interconnects and Simplifies Back-room Functions

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The groundbreaking new Surface Tech E-Platform for the concrete industry is truly one-of-a-kind. The program modules— TRKR™ (e-commerce) , CMPLYNC™ (mobile application for compliance and safety) and ASMBL™ (e-content)—interconnect to optimize projects for manufacturers and contractors. This article provides an overview of TRKR.

TRKR delivers a very practical digital solution for a variety of responsibilities including ordering, delivery, job site performance, billing/collection and more.  Contractor orders through the supplier are kept up to date in real time.
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Advanced Digital Tools Launch at WOC 2017

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Digital Tools for Concrete IndustrySurface Tech’s new tech-platform offers a revolutionary digital solution to enhance the concrete industry processes for concrete manufacturers and contractors.  The platform brings something new to a very old trade: e-connectivity.

“We’ve applied cutting-edge solutions to a very established industry to enhance cost efficiencies, improve results and simplify processes.  By using our tech-tools, we’re providing improvements inside the current supply channel,” said Bryan Goerger, Surface Tech’s Vice President/General Manager.
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Lab-to-Field Asphalt Testing

Stronger Asphalt Proven in Lab-to-Field Testing

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Lab-to-Field Testing Results Back Up Superior Effectiveness of Surface Tech Product Capabilities

Surface Tech acknowledges the importance of testing its products.  Certainty in new technologies is grounded in such results.

“Many factors compel adoption of new technology, but real confidence is gained through successful use.  However, such decisions are girded by the quality of and results learned from testing,” said Surface Tech President Steve Santa Cruz.

Industry testing has been primarily centered in lab environments.  But the emergence of field testing to underpin, and in some cases, embolden the lab result is very much a path that Surface Tech embraces.

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