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April 2017

Building a Better (And Proven) Mousetrap

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Asphalt FreewayBigger. Better. Faster. Stronger.  These words commonly describe a newly upgraded version of a product with which we’ve grown comfortably familiar.  Sometimes, the ‘better’ version doesn’t truly back up its claims…other than offering something slightly different than the original did.  Sometimes the newer “improved” version is just plain difficult to learn and use.

Building Materials is no stranger to this phenomenon.  However, technology is rapidly improving for materials, even asphalt, and many are missing out on these incredible advances.  Why? Because of a reluctance to adopt new technology, which is usually rooted in uncertainty that the claims will truly meet expectations.  We can all relate.

Surface Tech understands these concerns, and has implemented an ongoing commitment to research/testing through several channels (lab, field, and academic), thus ensuring the benefits of Surface Tech’s portfolio of asphalt technologies and easing their adoption.

“The industry has found that new asphalt technologies are difficult to adopt because of a lack of intensity to the commitment and investment by the developers to ensure benefits can be easily realized,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President, Surface Tech. “It’s Surface Tech’s marriage of lab-to-field engagement that helps provide peace of mind for those seeking new technology solutions that work.”

Surface Tech has selected and engaged with some of the country’s most accredited asphalt research laboratories; both private and academia.  Its results for the myriad of accepted tests are sound, as are the refined testing applications for a product line-up that doses in such low increments.  In addition, Surface Tech has engaged in state-of-the-art field testing for validation and predictability regimens as well as GIS/GPS site surveying analysis.

The results are outstanding.  To learn more about our product capabilities and proven test results, visit //


ASMBL: Nothing Like Anything the Concrete Industry Has Seen Before

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concrete contractorGame-Changing.  Innovative.  Disruptive.  These are a few of the common reactions describing ASMBL.   ASMBL, a brand new concept for the concrete industry, bridges the gap between concrete contractors and engineers/designers by providing e-content to use for specifications for concrete mix designs offering unique performance characteristics and allow for the interface of contractor 3D software. BIM (Building Information Modeling) would be an example of where this e-content can reside and integrate.

Up until the Surface Tech platform, the concrete elements for a tool like BIM have been very basic. ASMBL allows users access to a database of concrete products, letting them understand a concrete’s performance characteristics, how to manipulate the product and how it will influence design. Users can also more accurately estimate cost of materials and labor.

“ASMBL is a win-win solution for both concrete contractors and the design community,” said Bryan Goerger, Vice President/GM of Surface Tech, Concrete Division.  “Through ASMBL, concrete contractors are able to provide specs on a variety of products and the customer can then easily implement the product choice through their own software.  It makes for a seamless transition that offers a customized approach.”

ASMBL offers many solutions including:

  • Concrete design families which bridge structural designs and construction documents
  • Concrete models which simplify and complement Takeoff, Layout and Asbuilting activities
  • Value-engineered design families which leverage the benefits of high performance concretes
  • Establishes a common platform for quantity take-offs, specifications and assumptions
  • Simplifies bidding and estimating process
  • Unmatched product and service offerings
  • Access to state-of-the-art e-content library of concrete product information, service offerings and best practices
  • Integrates with existing production & back-office software

Take a test drive of ASMBL today and see for yourself the innovative platform that is changing the concrete industry.  Contact us for a demo.




Adding ACE Fiber

CASE STUDY: Louisville Adds ACE XP to Overlay to Extend the Life of a City Street

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ACE Fiber to Overlay to Extend the Life of a City StreetWhen the City of Louisville in Kentucky wanted to extend the life and delay the maintenance cycle of a resurfacing project on West Broadway downtown, they protected their investment by adding ACE XP to the mix.

Current and historic research and case studies show that ACE XP significantly enhances asphalt concrete performance. A 140% increase in crack resistance and 60% rut resistance have been demonstrated.

“By adding ACE XP to the 1.5-inch overlay, Louisville Metro can expect it to last longer and need maintenance less often. Like all of our clients, they want to save time and money that they devote to roads,” said Jeff McConahy, regional account manager for Site Supply, the ACE XP distributor in Kentucky and Ohio.

Adding ACE FiberMcConahy worked on the project with the paving contractor Flynn Brothers Contracting and CBC Engineering, whose technicians added the fibers to the asphalt.

Louisville Metro will continue to monitor the improved performance of the road. Producing and installing the ACE XP Polymer Fiber reinforced asphalt went very well with no issues or changes to typical procedures.

“Mixing at Flynn Brother’s plant and paving with the fibers on West Broadway was a great experience for everyone,” said McConahy.

ACE XP Polymer Fiber adds strength to asphalt pavement in all directions. PROVEN IN THE FIELD. DOWNLOAD THE TEST RESULTS.