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August 2017

Video: ACE XP Selected for Busy Asphalt Road in Colorado

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Blackfeather Trail is a busy asphalt-paved road in Castle Rock, Colorado which faced cracking issues after years of fatigue. The town of Castle Rock sought an innovative and cost-effective solution to repair the road and ensure its durability. Located near a high school and recreation center, high traffic volumes were certain to continue, including a large number of school buses.

Surface Tech distributor Nilex discussed with the town its need for an effective, long-term solution that would reduce costs. The existing road experienced reflective cracking and rutting, and was in poor condition. Castle Rock recognized the value that ACE XP provides to prevent these burdensome and costly issues in the future and chose Nilex and ACE XP for the project. By choosing ACE XP, the town was able to utilize a thinner pavement overlay, resulting in significant cost savings. Read More

Surface Tech to Attend 2017 American Public Works Association’s PWX Convention in Orlando

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PWXSurface Tech, an innovative solutions provider, will engage with professionals from across the country at the 2017 PWX Conference in Orlando and highlight the unique services and suite of products that Surface Tech provides to the Public Works industry.  PWX is hosted by the American Public Works Association and is attended by thousands of public works professionals each year.

“Surface Tech understands the challenges faced by public works professionals and offers solutions that result in significant cost savings, higher quality infrastructure and streamlined processes,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President, Surface Tech. “From our groundbreaking digital business platform to our portfolio of specialty concrete and asphalt products, Surface Tech works to provide tangible solutions that are backed by extensive research and solid results.”

Be sure to visit Surface Tech’s booth (#655) and meet Bryan Goerger, Company VP, who along with other Surface Tech representatives and the FL distributor, ACF Environmental/Landsaver, will be on hand to showcase products and demonstrate our digital business solutions platform.

Surface Tech’s platform for products and services encompasses three primary components:  ACETM and AQUTM Fibers for asphalt, Specialty Concrete, and Digital Business Solutions.

Learn more about Surface Tech’s solutions at and read more about the 2017 PWX Conference at //

Revolutionary Concrete Products offer Strong, Flexible and Cost-Effective Results

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Surface Tech provides effective and practical products that address many common challenges involved with concrete construction today.  Our product portfolio includes solutions such as high-strength, pervious, and temperature-insensitive concretes, as well as other specially-designed reinforcement options.  The benefits of a few of these products are outlined below:

Juno ConcreteJuno – Increased Strength with Fewer Joints

Juno creates slabs that are stronger and more durable with less shrinkage all which help to reduce joints, than those constructed with conventional concrete. Juno is cost effective with the reduction of joint maintenance and no special placing or finishing is required.


vesta concreteVesta – Self-Consolidating Concrete with No Vibration Needed

A revolutionary new technology for flooring, Vesta is a self-consolidating concrete that is easily placed and significantly reduces construction time and cost, eliminating the need for vibration due to its fluid and stable properties. Additionally, Vesta is easy to place and accelerates construction schedule by reducing labor and efforts onsite.


Waferium ConcreteWaferium – Ultra Flexible and Strong

Waferium provides the opportunity to design sweeping structures with a proven material that has the strength of concrete and the flexibility of potter’s clay. Waferium’s ultra-high strength stems from a unique micro structure consisting of robust fibers and a proprietary low-porosity admixture resulting in a durable, flexible and sustainable concrete for the most challenging of environments.

To learn more about Juno, Vesta, and Waferium or to view our full portfolio of solutions, visit //

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