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February 2018

Juno: A revolutionary alternative binder technology

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JUNO ConcreteSurface Tech’s pioneering product, JUNO, is an advanced admixture that reduces the cost of concrete without sacrificing performance.  Juno can be used to partially substitute traditional binders in standard concretes, thereby reducing cost, reducing shrinkage and mitigating CO2 emission.  These value propositions are compelling, particularly for those who consume large quantities of concrete.

“JUNO is a revolutionary concrete product that incorporates leading edge technologies that allows for partial binder replacement used in concrete mix designs,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President, Surface Tech. “This results in an improved performance at a microscopic level as well as a significant reduction in material costs.”

JUNO can be utilized in a wide range of conventional concrete building applications, but also as a geo-solution including:

Soil Stabilization

JUNO has been engineered to allow for more efficient and cost effective stabilization of the road base and subgrade. It is often custom blended for a given project based upon a site and soil conditions.

Juno ConcreteControlled Density Fill

JUNO can be used to reduce the cost of Controlled Density Fill (CDF).  CDF is a low-strength concrete used for backfilling holes and trenches when high compaction is needed.  With JUNO, a contractor can reduce the need for cement and replace it with a lower-cost option.


JUNO can be used in Rip-Rap as a low-cost alternative to Portland Cement-based binders. Rip-Rap is essentially large stones or pieces of concrete (recycled or virgin) used to protect underlying soil from runoff due to rain or tidal erosion.

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Get to Know John Roshala – EVP of Surface Tech’s Software Division

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John Roshala recently joined Surface Tech as the Executive Vice President of the Software Division. Based out of Surface Tech’s San Diego headquarters, he will be responsible for leading the strategy and development for Surface Tech’s digital solutions platform, MAINFRAME.

John brings over 14 years of software experience to Surface Tech.  He began his career in software as VP of Sales for Anonymizer, a company that experienced dramatic growth in the Federal sector and was eventually purchased by Abraxas Corp.  Most recently John served as President for NoteVault, a leading daily report software for the construction industry.

“The asphalt, and particularly, the concrete industry is the bedrock of the dramatic growth we have seen in our society and is literally the foundation of its advancement,” said Roshala. “The camaraderie within the industry is as strong – we stick together and help each other all while advancing global growth.”

Surface Tech’s President, Steve Santa Cruz, actively recruited Roshala and when the opportunity turned timely – he knew it would be a great fit.

“Surface Tech is a proven innovations leader and action-oriented company and we continue to learn from each other with a common vision,” said Roshala. “It is a unique time in the construction technology sector and I see great things ahead for Surface Tech.”

Roshala continues to pass along his appreciation for technology and engineering to the next generation. Roshala lives in San Diego with his wife of 22 years, Jennifer, and in his free time you may see him at a car show or enjoying a variety of motorsports. Their three children attend UCLA where their son, Justice, is studying Law, and their twin daughters, Jaycie and Julie, are studying STEM.

Surface Tech continues to expand its products and services across the US and Canada through its portfolio of specialty concrete products and digital business solutions.  MAINFRAME is a software platform built from the ground up specifically for the concrete industry and designed from real-world applications from experienced concrete contractors, commercial and residential builders, ready mix suppliers, engineers, and architects. 


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