Steve is a true entrepreneur. Over the course of the last twenty years, he has built a family of companies that center in the construction industry and commands a strong reputation as an industry leader and innovator.

SC Design, was founded in 1992 and came to service in six western states. In 2010, it morphed into SC Design Northwest LLC. SC Design was one of the country’s largest and most trusted design center firms. Such firms service the new-home construction industry by facilitating new home buyers in showroom environments; satisfying all option selections and installations. He developed the business model in direct response to emerging trends and customer needs he first recognized over twenty years ago. His innovative approach to providing design center solutions is widely recognized as the cutting-edge service model for all other competing firms. He is highly sought for consulting services both with client and competing companies.

Steve attended Carleton College in Northfield Minnesota studying Business. He then began his design center career with a thirteen-year stint as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for one of the regions then largest multi-state, design centers (Design For Living, Inc) which was centered in the Southwest.

In 2012, as a result of the residential recession, Steve liquidated his SC Design companies. He then went on to consult under his Cocentrix entity. In 2013, Steve served as a Board Director and interim-President of an emerging manufacturing company, HercuTech, servicing the construction communities (residential and commercial) with a building-envelope products line-up. This company has both domestic and international scope. His employment service was completed/transitioned in early 2014.

In Spring 2014, Steve was introduced to a start-up by a respected IB firm, W Partners of San Diego. He joined as the National Sales Director for NoteVault, an emerging, mobile-app SAAS company servicing the construction industry as its initial focus. That company has grown to become the most recognized brand in its niche boasting national enterprise accounts.