New and improved! MD3 now designed for specific sizes of ACE Fiber

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MD3 mixing ACE FibersThe latest version of Surface Tech’s Micro Doser system, the MD3, takes the process of mixing ACE Fibers into produced asphalt to a new level. Most notably, an improved onboard computer interface now allows operators to specify either 19mm or 38mm sizes of ACE Fiber to feed through the system. While the MD3 still allows for either bulk or sprinkle feeding, the new size-specific setting yields more exacting data and further improves the system’s efficient and thorough distribution of fibers.

An added feeder tray and improvements in controlled vibration ensure steady material flow and dosing accuracy, both critical to ensuring the long-term performance of ACE Fiber reinforced asphalt.

The MD3 can also be retrofitted to connect directly into existing asphalt plant controls to allow producers to permanently add the MD3 to the plant’s operational capabilities.

MD3 Micro Doser systemWith all the improvements, operators will find the system more user friendly than ever. However, some features needed no improvement. The system can still fit in a cargo trailer, can be set up in minutes, and can still be operated by one person. Moreover, producers can be easily trained and certified to operate the MD3 system if they opt to manage the QA/QC themselves.

Like its predecessor, the MD3 only requires 90psi and 185 CFM of compressed air and 110 volts electric to run, which means it can be easily included in the asphalt mixing process at both batch and drum plant facilities.

The computer interface still tracks cycle weight and time to ensure the accurate dosing of 4.2 ounces of ACE Fiber into each ton of produced asphalt. Data continues to be kept onboard and can be retrieved by USB, or sent via internet if available.

The MD3 continues the excellent tradition of the MD2 — delivering a perfect mix, every time! See video of MD3 in action at

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Surface Tech’s ACE Fiber used in Sustainable Innovation for Parking Lots

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Ohio parking lot using ACE Fiber is one of six in the world designated as a demonstrator site for best practices in sustainable design and operation.

The Parksmart program through Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) recently recognized a new green surface parking lot at The Mason Business Center (MBC) in Cincinnati as a demonstrator site for sustainable design and operation. The MBC lot, which incorporated Surface Tech’s ACE Fiber into the asphalt, is one of only six in the world to achieve the Parksmart program designation.

The U.S. has an estimated 500 million surface parking spaces which cover more than one third of some cities’ land mass. Parking lots can add to water pollution through runoff, raise urban temperatures, and contribute litter to the landscape. Parksmart and other forward-thinking companies like Surface Tech are exploring ways to reimagine paving materials to be environmentally-friendly, socially responsible, and long-lasting.

“When designed with sustainability in mind, surface parking can help reduce energy consumption, improve air and water quality, and safely connect neighborhoods and people,” said Paul Wessel, director of market transformation and development for Parksmart.

Atlas 10 chose ACE Fiber to achieve optimum performance and extended lifespan benefits

Atlas10, a Pendleton-based pavement management company, managed The Mason Business Center (MBC) parking lot project and procured resources, including Surface Tech’s innovative asphalt additive, ACE Fiber. These high performance engineered fibers were chosen for their ability to produce a stronger pavement, which extends its lifespan and saves money by reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacement. ACE Fiber additive produces a surface of higher strength and superior resistance against cracking and rutting delaying costly maintenance and reducing the CO2 footprint of the pavement over it design life.

“Sustainable surface parking benefits the community, environment and property owners,” said Mark Schmidt, CEO of Atlas10 during his interview with “It’s an honor to work with The Mason Business Center (MBC)  and the other construction partners to make sustainable parking a reality, and we are pleased that the project we orchestrated is now a demonstrator site.”

The Cincinnati parking project was recognized by Parksmart during a presentation at Mason campus on February 2, 2018, which included facility manager, Atlas 10 and partners SurfaceTech, and 10 Mile Creek.

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Surface Tech signs Phil Blankenship to steward Asphalt Research Division

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Phil Blankenship, principal of Blankenship Asphalt Tech & Training PLLC of KY, has signed an agreement with Surface Tech to provide top-level guidance, management and business development services for the company’s Asphalt Research Division. The now, formal relationship, grew out of Phil’s early involvement as a leading researcher on the company’s ACE Fiber product.

“Phil conducted an extensive battery of tests on the product during his stint at the Asphalt Institute. As a result, he acquired an in-depth knowledge of ACE Fiber, and combined with his expertise in all things asphalt, we expect his stewardship will prove invaluable,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President, Surface Tech.

Phil is widely recognized within the asphalt industry through published research and as prominent speaker and trainer. His experience includes a decade with Koch Industries, where he was a platform technology developer for the company’s research into the effectiveness of high-polymer asphalt interlayers  and polymer hot mix. In a subsequent decade, he was the Senior Research Engineer and mixture lab manager for the Asphalt Institute.

His work will closely align with Joe Dennis, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, to forge collaborative relationships with DOT Departments, industry trade groups and leading academics within the asphalt industry. He will also provide technological assistance to Surface Tech distributors.

Surface Tech Representatives to Attend World of Asphalt in Houston

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World of AsphaltRepresentatives from Surface Tech will join thousands of industry professionals at the World of Asphalt convention in Houston from March 6-8.  The World of Asphalt is the leading trade show for the aggregate, asphalt, pavement maintenance, and traffic safety industry sectors.

“We are looking forward to reconnecting personally with many industry colleagues at World of Asphalt and sharing exciting developments from Surface Tech,” said Joe Dennis, VP/CTO of Surface Tech’s Asphalt Division.  “Our ACE Fiber technology continues to deliver impressive results alongside our innovative Quality Control (QC) program’s automated dosing equipment line.”

When ACE Fiber is mixed into asphalt, it disperses over 19 million Aramid fibers throughout each ton of mix to provide 3-dimensional reinforcement that increases the asphalt’s resistance to reflective cracking, rutting, fatigue and increased life expectancy.

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Estimate Your Next Project’s Needs with ACE/AQU Fiber Calculators

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ACE/AQU Fiber CalculatorsEstimating the amount of ACE and AQU Fibers into your next paving project just became much simpler with Surface Tech’s online calculators.

To obtain a quick estimate on the quantity of fibers you will need, simply enter the thickness (in inches), density and project area (square yards).  The online calculator will provide an immediate estimate based on those values.

“This online tool allows customers to estimate the amount of product needed for their next project –  at anytime – 24/7,” said Joe Dennis, Director of Asphalt Division, Surface Tech.  “These helpful calculators eliminate the guesswork of estimating the amount of ACE or AQU needed for an upcoming project.”

Calculators for ACE and AQU are located at Customers looking for an exact and more detailed estimate can always contact the Surface Tech team through the RFQ form.

Surface Tech is committed to developing the most advanced additives for asphalt, not only adding strength and durability, but improving the sustainability of roads and other surfaces for a positive environmental impact.

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Elevate Your Game: Surface Tech Sets the Stage for 2018 at Annual Sales & Distribution Partner Meeting

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Representatives from across the US and Canada convened in San Diego in November for Surface Tech’s Annual Sales and Distribution Partner meeting.  The slogan “Elevate Your Game” served as the key message and motivator throughout the event.

“Our leadership and partners across the organization continue to work diligently preparing for 2018, which we anticipate as another very successful campaign,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President, Surface Tech LLC.

“Surface Tech has matured since its inception through the development of our product lines as well as through the development of our distribution network. We have transitioned to a full platform solutions company in both the asphalt and concrete industries – it’s time to elevate our game by building upon this success.”

Surface Tech’s Joe Dennis marshaled the technical and QC program, while Ian Wilson and Bryan Goerger led sessions on best practices for Disruptive Technologies in Asphalt and Concrete.

Guest speakers included Erdem Coleri, PhD, Oklahoma State University who spoke on the topic of, “Quantifying the Effects of Aramid Fibers on Rutting/Cracking.”  Pavana Ingios with Geotechnics spoke on “ACE Field Performance Testing (AFPT)”, and Mark Schmidt of Atlas 10 gave an overview of “ACE Fiber Performance: One Year Later”.

Sales + Distribution Partner Meeting