TRKR™: The Ultimate

Online Tracking System for the Concrete/Asphalt/Aggregate Industry

Best-in-class online sales & marketing platform to manage ordering, invoicing, tracking, compliance and more for the surface mix/aggregate industry.
Surface Tech offers software designed for the Manufacturing Industry; particularly concrete, asphalt and aggregate plants. Developed by experienced contractors, commercial and residential builders and surface mix suppliers, it combines the best practices in supply and construction with surface mix/aggregate applications. With TRKR™ and TRKR Mobile™, common administrative tasks can be simplified, like ordering, and onsite job safety and compliance can be improved.


With TRKR™, you get a practical business solution that eliminates many of the common job site and administrative challenges faced by the surface mix/aggregate industry today.


A Mobile App that is an active compliance management system which improves job site & transportation safety, and reduces the risk of construction defect claims.

Best-in-class software for concrete ordering, tracking & compliance:





Built for Contractors

Our state-of-the-art TRKR™ software enables customers to access surface mix and/or aggregate companies nationwide for their desired footprint needs. This allows for ease of product selection and dispatch scheduling through a shopping cart experience. TRKR™, coupled with TRKR MOBILE™, our mobile app for the dispatch/trucking industry, delivers solutions to every facet of surface mix and/or aggregate construction. Very smart technology!

Surface Mix/Aggregate Companies

TRKR™ and TRKR Mobile™ provide better coordination and compliance reporting for surface mix/aggregate suppliers and contractors. The Daily Report provides all the details needed for compliance reporting — and it’s delivered to you every day, even real-time. Surface mix/aggregate companies can increase efficiencies and improve profits.

Logistics Partners

All areas of logistics are addressed in the mobile application, TRKR MOBILE™, built to address and streamline compliance and safety issues. The app improves job site and transportation safety and mitigates the risk of construction defect claims. TRKR MOBILE™ allows the capture of any notable issues from plant to site delivery and the actual installation. By having this important information documented, all parties will have a more robust defense should a claim be made in the future.
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