E-business Platform

Digital. Practical.

TRKR™: Surface Tech Digital Platform Interconnects and Simplifies Back-end Functions

TRKR™ is a practical e-business solution that eliminates many of the common jobsite and administrative challenges faced by the surface mix/aggregate industry today including ordering, delivery, measuring job site performance, billing/collection and more. Contractor orders through the supplier are kept up to date in real time.

Best-in-class online sales & marketing platform
Innovative payment offerings
Automated performance tracking and visibility via mobile app
Automated billing, order and invoice management
Unmatched product and segment offerings [B2B & B2B2C]
Improved price & margin management
Robust customer segmentation & market analysis
Integrates with existing production & back-office software


With TRKR™, a customer can go online and order surface mix products through specific product catalogs unique to the supplier companies listed. This is a first for the industry. Online ordering radically simplifies and documents the buying experience, making it more efficient and in concert with existing protocols. Just log onto the TRKR™ module and place the order, including details such as product, add-ons, quantity, and location of jobsite for delivery.


Back Room

The software platform greatly minimizes the need to mail out invoices. When the product has been delivered to the jobsite, the delivery notice is provided electronically. In addition, when placing the order, contractors can elect to include project details in predesignated fields, enhancing existing financial and project management accounting. The program also helps satisfy legal compliances and allows all parties to more accurately identify any cost overruns.



TRKR™ also provides more payment options. Customers can now pay with credit/debit cards up front through the platform. Customers who prefer paying with cash can be prompted to use debit cards through TRKR™ to pay instead of having to carry cash. Of course, for those with established credit, traditional invoicing is still an option.

See for yourself how TRKR can work for your company.