TRKR Mobile

Mobile Management

Compliance, Saftey, & Risk Management Documentation On-The-Road

TRKR Mobile™: Surface Tech Mobile Application Actively Manages Project Compliance

TRKR Mobile™ is an active compliance management system that improves jobsite and transportation safety and reduces the risk of construction defect claims.

Reduced risk of construction defects
Improved site safety
Establishes and documents best-in-class safety standards
Monitors & records DOT & OSHA compliance requirements
Tracks third-party compliance with corporate safety standards
TRKR Mobile


With TRKR Mobile™, the driver must go through a safety customizable checklist before completing a delivery. Pre-programmed mileposts for safety requirements are clicked off for documentation. Driver also has the ability to record video, photos, notes and important document capture to further protect the job site experience. Weather data is captured automatically at start, site arrival and completion of delivery. Tracking of the load from plant to site is also a geo-recorded documentation fed to the backroom platform.

TRKR Mobile™ ensures the driver records stay up to date. The system maintains all of the required details, such as driver’s licenses and required eligibility stats and including all required licensing for contractors. The data is synced into the platform, allowing verification via the digital platform as well as through the mobile device.


Construction Defects

TRKR Mobile™ allows the capture of any notable issues from plant to site delivery and the actual install. By having this important information documented, all parties will have a more robust defense should a claim be made in the future.

 Scenario One

Changing the intended mix design once on site needs documentation and sign off.

Scenario Two

Auto-Weather capture at all aspects of the route insures documentation for the intended install on site.

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