Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we consider using JUNO XP™ ?

As an alternative supplemental cementitious material (ASCM) that have been evaluated/certified C1709,  JUNO XP™   is a partial binder replacement that can confidently be used in today’s mix designs to achieve benefits of cost, performance, adoption and sustainability.

How does JUNO XP™ increase performance?

By its natural mineral make-up, JUNO XP™ works with the remaining binder components to enhance all metrics of performance benchmarks in conventional mix designs. These include strength, shrinkage, ASR, toughness, durability and workability.

Is JUNO XP™ easy for concrete plants to mix?

JUNO XP™ is readily available in either 25 pound pulpable bags or supersacks. Surface-Tech will collaborate with customers on a plant-by-plant basis to implement the best delivery system for JUNO XP™ .

What are the sustainability benefits using JUNO XP™ ?

Reducing cement, you reduce CO2 emission. The amount of cement reduction is commensurate with your desired JUNO XP™ usage.

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