Ace XP Polymer Fiber
Mountain Highway


City of North Vancouver


August 2017

What We Did

Demonstrates ACE XP mixing process.

Two man mixing process with ACE XP provides a Smooth Asphalt Surface.

The City of North Vancouver ran a trial project with ACE XP  for the Mountain Highway.  The BA Asphalt Plant, located just minutes from the Mountain Highway project, is a single drum plant.  This was the first time ACE XP was used — with perfect results.

The equipment was set up the day before (takes about 30 minutes).  It was set up for a two-person station –  one for metering and one for dosing.  The amounts are determined for a 30-second dosing period.

A line vac hose is used to add the ACE XP to the mixing drum. The process is easy to learn, set-up and repeat. It ensures that ACE XP are delivered continuously to the mixing drum with the correct amount everytime.

The only thing required by the plant was 90-psi compressed air to drive the system.

The mixing drum, at 170 degrees F (77 C), melts the wax releasing 19 million aramid fibers in every US ton. After 30 to 45 seconds of dry mix and we mix time, the ACE XP is completely mixed and dispersed.

The asphalt process continues as normal without any delays or slow down. Rakes and shovels stay clean. And the roller operation is standard. ACE XP reinforced asphalt stays workable around inlets and curb cuts, unlike polymer PG grades. Reaching compaction is typically achieved in 2 to 3 passes, with no edge bulging.

The final result is a smooth asphalt finish with ACE XP reinforced asphalt.

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