A revolutionary ASCM technology


Surface Tech’s pioneering product, JUNO XP®, is an advanced supplementary cementitious material that reduces the cost of concrete without sacrificing performance.  JUNO XP® can be used to partially substitute traditional cement binders in standard concretes, as well as in specialty applications, such as Soil Stabilization, Mass Concrete, Shotcrete and above-grade vertical wall construction.

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Savings are significant depending on the mix design.

The proprietary and novel make-up of Juno XP® effectively manipulates the molecular kinetics of cement hydration to increase the toughness and durability of concrete; making concrete stronger and last longer. The science behind Juno XP® is a combination of pozzolanic and mineral materials that increase production of the strength bearing microstructure. The Juno XP also has a mechanical impact on the fresh concrete that creates an environment that allows for a reduction of cementitious while maintaining the cream needed to allow grey concrete to go down the chute into the formwork.

Core technology delivers relevant solutions for a wide range of building applications.

Lower Cost

With Juno XP®, an alternative supplementary cementitious material, the cost reduction can be significant depending on individual mix design.

Higher Performance Characteristics

Strength (compressive and tensile), toughness, workability, shrinkage control, enhancement to chemical and physical attack. Maintains fresh properties, strengthens and densifies the backbone of concrete.

Environmental Benefits

Cement use is recognized as one of the largest producers of global greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions. Using less concrete with Juno XP® is better for the environment.

Ease of Adoption

JUNO XP® is easily integrated into existing Plant operations including: silo, hopper, supersacks, bags, and dissolvable bags.

Concrete Solutions. Advanced Performance.

JUNO XP® has proven it can increase strength and durability as well as decrease shrinkage in the laboratory tests that have been conducted to date. Surface Tech CTO Jon Belkowitz reports the product performs well in all areas that have been evaluated. JUNO XP® is easily-adoptable and improves most types of concrete mix designs. The evaluation of JUNO XP® will continue as it completes ASTM C1709 certification.


JUNO XP® in action:

Soil Stabilization

JUNO XP® has been engineered to allow for more efficient and cost effective stabilization of the road base and subgrade. It is often custom blended for a given project based upon site and soil conditions.

  • Reduces cost vs. traditional stabilization methods
  • Strengthens sub-structure layer resulting in fewer full depth failures
  • Optimizes use/reuse of material already in place; up to 99% recycled in-situ road and cementitious by-product materials
  • Conserves aggregate resources
  • Promotes maximum working efficiency by being pre-blended before arriving on site

Controlled Density Fill

JUNO XP® can be used to reduce the cost of Controlled Density Fill (CDF).  CDF is a low-strength concrete used for backfilling holes and trenches when high compaction is needed.  By utilizing JUNO XP®, Surface Tech’s proprietary alternative binder, a contractor can reduce the need for cement and replace it with a lower-cost option.  Often, CDF is used in utility trenches to protect underground cables and wires.  In this type of application, color is frequently added to bring attention to the enclosed pipes and wires (blue for water pipe, red for electrical, yellow for natural gas, etc.).


JUNO XP® can be used in Rip-Rap as a low-cost alternative to Portland Cement-based binders. Rip-Rap is essentially large stones or pieces of concrete used to protect underlying soil from runoff due to rain or tidal erosion. Historically, Rip-Rap was supplied using virgin stones or boulders. As stones have become less widely available and more costly, concrete companies have developed Rip Rap from unused or recycled concrete. It’s one of those products that people generally don’t pay attention to, but it can frequently be found under bridges and along steep embankments or along shorelines and coastal environments. JUNO XP® also allows you to produce concrete with the required strength for Rip Rap without consuming valuable, virgin materials.

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