Unveiling of the NEW MD3.0
Automated Dosing Machine

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June 30, 2018

What We Did

Demonstrates ACE XP Polymer Fiber mixing process.

The NEW MD3.0 Automated Dosing Machine 

MD3.0 is a custom designed and manufactured machine to dose ACE XP Polymer Fiber accurately every time.  It only requires compressed air (90 psi and 185 CFM) and 110 volt electric to operate. The machine will dose both ¾” (19mm) and 1.5” (38mm) in US and Metric tonnage rates.

The hopper hold 1-40 lb. box of ACE XP, enough to produce 152.3 US Tons (138.1 Metric Tonnes) of ACE XP Reinforced Asphalt. Controlled vibration from the hopper through each feeder tray ensure continuous material flow and accurate dosing.  The hopper and 3 feeder pans deliver the continuous flow to the weigh hopper that meters and drops the ACE XP based on the plant production speed.

Once the weigh hopper drops its metered amount, the final feeder pan delivers the ACE XP to the power funnel. A 2″ diameter line-vac is attached to the power funnel and delivers a continuous flow of ACE XP to the rap collar or weigh hopper.

See it in action.  Watch the video. Or contact us for a demonstration.



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