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Rugged & Ready: MD3.0+ answers the call for plant integration

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MD3.0 Automated Dosing Machine for ACE FibersNow that asphalt producers have seen and used the new MD3.0 Automated Dosing Machine for ACE Fibers, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, many now want to integrate the MD3.0 into plant operations. We heard them, and we now offer the improved MD3.0+.

It’s more rugged, with upgraded welded and wiring connections, capable of withstanding tough, everyday use. And we now offer both pilot house control integration and a super sack feeder option for producers that want to integrate the MD3.0+ permanently into their plant operations.

ACE Fiber Mixing Process“From the comments we’ve received, it’s clear that plant integration is a big deal to asphalt producers. Integrating the MD3.0+ with both pilot house controls and a super sack feeder makes the system more automated at the plant, similar to how producers are used to producing asphalt,” says Joe Dennis, Vice President & Chief Technical Officer. “We have the technology to achieve the integration, for those who want it.”

The new and improved MD3.0+ will also prove to be more rugged for all producers, whether at the plant or transported to the job site.

“We’ve answered customer requests to make the MD3 sturdier, ensuring a longer life and greater dependability,” says Dennis. “The MD3.0+ is the new standard moving forward.”

For more information, contact Joe Dennis.

Surface Tech Representatives to Attend World of Asphalt in Houston

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World of AsphaltRepresentatives from Surface Tech will join thousands of industry professionals at the World of Asphalt convention in Houston from March 6-8.  The World of Asphalt is the leading trade show for the aggregate, asphalt, pavement maintenance, and traffic safety industry sectors.

“We are looking forward to reconnecting personally with many industry colleagues at World of Asphalt and sharing exciting developments from Surface Tech,” said Joe Dennis, VP/CTO of Surface Tech’s Asphalt Division.  “Our ACE Fiber technology continues to deliver impressive results alongside our innovative Quality Control (QC) program’s automated dosing equipment line.”

When ACE Fiber is mixed into asphalt, it disperses over 19 million Aramid fibers throughout each ton of mix to provide 3-dimensional reinforcement that increases the asphalt’s resistance to reflective cracking, rutting, fatigue and increased life expectancy.

For more information visit http://surface-tech.com/asphalt-ace-fiber/

ACE XP Paves a Grand Entrance for California’s Marrakesh Country Club

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ace fiberIn the chic Palm Desert region of California, the owners of the historic Marrakesh Country Club faced overwhelming roadway maintenance costs as they grappled with a history of standard mix designs that resulted in rapid weathering and failure.

Experts from California Filtration Specialists (CFS) and Surface Tech immediately realized the many benefits Marrakesh Country Club could realize by using ACE XP.  After analyzing the project pavement design, Surface Tech was able to provide Marrakesh Country Club with a ¼ inch reduction in asphalt thickness, which resulted in significant cost savings.

“ACE XP reinforce the pavement so that it can withstand a harsh environment such as the California desert,” said Joe Dennis, Director, Asphalt Division – Surface Tech.  “The Marrakesh Country Club team was optimistic that ACE XP could provide the exact solution they were in search of – strength, durability, and longer life expectancy.”

The project specified an ACE XP – Fiber Reinforced Asphalt Concrete (FRAC) mix design.  Over 10,000 ton equivalents of ACE XP FRAC were used on the five-week project for the country club’s roadways.
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On Demand Webinar: The Asphalt Revolution

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Nilex Webinar on ACE FiberAs the interest in ACE Fibers and FRAC (Fiber Reinforced Asphalt Concrete) continues to grow, Surface Tech distributor, NILEX, recently hosted a webinar, now available on-demand, entitled The Asphalt Revolution: The Key to Pavement Strength and Extended Service Life, which addresses many FAQs about ACE Fibers.

 During the 45 minute webinar, NILEX provides an overview of the purpose of ACE Fibers, the research and methodology utilized, case study summaries from around the US, and price comparisons with and without ACE Fibers. Read More

Video: ACE XP Selected for Busy Asphalt Road in Colorado

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Blackfeather Trail is a busy asphalt-paved road in Castle Rock, Colorado which faced cracking issues after years of fatigue. The town of Castle Rock sought an innovative and cost-effective solution to repair the road and ensure its durability. Located near a high school and recreation center, high traffic volumes were certain to continue, including a large number of school buses.

Surface Tech distributor Nilex discussed with the town its need for an effective, long-term solution that would reduce costs. The existing road experienced reflective cracking and rutting, and was in poor condition. Castle Rock recognized the value that ACE XP provides to prevent these burdensome and costly issues in the future and chose Nilex and ACE XP for the project. By choosing ACE XP, the town was able to utilize a thinner pavement overlay, resulting in significant cost savings. Read More

Surface Tech to Attend 2017 American Public Works Association’s PWX Convention in Orlando

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PWXSurface Tech, an innovative solutions provider, will engage with professionals from across the country at the 2017 PWX Conference in Orlando and highlight the unique services and suite of products that Surface Tech provides to the Public Works industry.  PWX is hosted by the American Public Works Association and is attended by thousands of public works professionals each year.

“Surface Tech understands the challenges faced by public works professionals and offers solutions that result in significant cost savings, higher quality infrastructure and streamlined processes,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President, Surface Tech. “From our groundbreaking digital business platform to our portfolio of specialty concrete and asphalt products, Surface Tech works to provide tangible solutions that are backed by extensive research and solid results.”

Be sure to visit Surface Tech’s booth (#655) and meet Bryan Goerger, Company VP, who along with other Surface Tech representatives and the FL distributor, ACF Environmental/Landsaver, will be on hand to showcase products and demonstrate our digital business solutions platform.

Surface Tech’s platform for products and services encompasses three primary components:  ACETM and AQUTM Fibers for asphalt, Specialty Concrete, and Digital Business Solutions.

Learn more about Surface Tech’s solutions at www.surface-tech.com and read more about the 2017 PWX Conference at //pwx.apwa.net.

Video: Example of ACE Fiber Dosing and Application for Kitsap County, Washington

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Recently Kitsap County, Washington chose ACE Fibers for a 12000 TE asphalt pavement project.

“Continuous dosing results in a very thorough blending of the product,” said Joe Dennis, Managing Partner, BreakThrough Technologies. “Because of this, there are no visible fibers in the mix, no change in laydown operations, no bulging edges, and no fibers or asphalt stick to the drum.”

View the dosing operations and application for Kitsap County here:

About ACE Fibers:

ACE Fibers, a Surface Tech asphalt additive, uses aramid fibers to address the two major distresses affecting asphalt performance today; cracking and rutting. Doing so also dramatically improved the treated roads’ life expectancy.

When ACE Fiber is mixed into asphalt, it disperses over 19 million Aramid fibers throughout each ton of mix to provide 3-dimensional reinforcement that increases the asphalt’s resistance to reflective cracking, rutting, fatigue and increased life expectancy.

And best of all, no specialty contractors are needed for installation. Contractors handle ACE Fiber reinforced asphalt the same way they handle standard asphalt. This underscores ACE’s technology in being easy to adopt.

For more information visit //surface-tech.com/asphalt-ace-fiber/.

Getting the Most Mileage from Asphalt Fiber Additives

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Asphalt Fiber AdditivesIt is well-proven that adding asphalt fibers such as ACE Fiber or AQU Fiber™ make asphalt tougher and last longer.  However, the full benefits of these fibers are best realized if incorporated at the design stage.

By introducing fiber additives at the design stage, rather than at the spec stage, the end result is an increased speed of construction and significant reduction of asphalt thickness, in addition to the fiber’s benefits of anti-cracking, strength, and improvement of road quality.

“We have demonstrated through extensive testing in both lab and field, that adding our aramid fibers to asphalt projects, we enhance and strengthen asphalt pavement,” said Joe Dennis, Managing Partner, BreakThrough Technologies. “Coupling our fibers with less asphalt ratio for the entire pavement section creates dramatic cost savings; while still adding performance and life benefits.”

In addition to higher quality roads and cost savings, a project’s carbon footprint can also be greatly reduced as a result of incorporating ACE Fiber or AQU Fiber™  into the design stage.

“The reduction of asphalt thickness coupled with dramatic cost savings is impressive and this can be achieved when introducing fibers at the design stage,” said Dennis.

For more information on ACE or AQU Fibers, please visit www.surface-tech.com.


The Right Mix Every Time: Effective Quality Assurance at the Producer Level

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Apshalt MixMany asphalt producers understand the benefit that additives such as ACE and AQU Fibers can provide to both their product and bottom line, but are intimidated by the prospect of accurately dosing a small amount of additive into tons of product.

Surface Tech heard this common concern among asphalt producers and developed an effective approach to quality assurance.  This QA program is championed at the plant level, does not require new equipment or changes in the mix design or any plant processes, and can provide project certification (PE stamp) for each mix.

“Asphalt producers have been searching for a dosing QA program that is easily adopted at the producer level and is managed by engineers and other technical experts,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President, Surface Tech. “Through our QA program, producers can reap the proven benefits of additives without assuming unnecessary risk with regards to proper dosing.”

Surface Tech offers options for its QA program.  One option offers onsite assistance at the plant during the mix from technical and engineering staff who will coordinate directly with the plant manager to ensure a quality mix.  Another option is a one-day training to certify the producer’s staff on how to dose themselves with remote assistance.

Aspahlt Mix“When you are looking at mixing 4.2 ounces of fibers into a ton of product, it’s vital that an expert is on hand to ensure success,” said Joe Dennis, Managing Partner, BreakThrough Technologies. “With Surface Tech’s QA program, you can be assured that the technical aspects of dosing will be executed accurately and backed by engineers.”

Surface Tech is able to certify asphalt mixes for ACE and AQU Fibers across all 50 states and throughout all Canadian provinces.  For more information Surface Tech’s QA program, please visit //surface-tech.com/portfolio/ace-fiber-mixing-process/.






Adding ACE Fiber

CASE STUDY: Louisville Adds ACE XP to Overlay to Extend the Life of a City Street

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ACE Fiber to Overlay to Extend the Life of a City StreetWhen the City of Louisville in Kentucky wanted to extend the life and delay the maintenance cycle of a resurfacing project on West Broadway downtown, they protected their investment by adding ACE XP to the mix.

Current and historic research and case studies show that ACE XP significantly enhances asphalt concrete performance. A 140% increase in crack resistance and 60% rut resistance have been demonstrated.

“By adding ACE XP to the 1.5-inch overlay, Louisville Metro can expect it to last longer and need maintenance less often. Like all of our clients, they want to save time and money that they devote to roads,” said Jeff McConahy, regional account manager for Site Supply, the ACE XP distributor in Kentucky and Ohio.

Adding ACE FiberMcConahy worked on the project with the paving contractor Flynn Brothers Contracting and CBC Engineering, whose technicians added the fibers to the asphalt.

Louisville Metro will continue to monitor the improved performance of the road. Producing and installing the ACE XP Polymer Fiber reinforced asphalt went very well with no issues or changes to typical procedures.

“Mixing at Flynn Brother’s plant and paving with the fibers on West Broadway was a great experience for everyone,” said McConahy.

ACE XP Polymer Fiber adds strength to asphalt pavement in all directions. PROVEN IN THE FIELD. DOWNLOAD THE TEST RESULTS.