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WEBINAR: USE MORE RAP, Increase Sustainability

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Surface Tech invites you to attend this Webinar showcasing the improvement in asphalt pavement sustainability through the use of available emerging technologies and balanced mix design implementation. Attendees will learn how Surface Tech’s pavement solutions can help achieve better sustainability of asphalt pavements by increasing the amount of recycled materials being utilized while still delivering a better balanced field performance between cracking and rutting thus extending the service life of any new pavement, reducing the cost of downstream maintenance and lowering CO2 emissions.

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WEBINAR: Crack Mitigation with ARMI

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Surface Tech invites you to attend this Webinar showcasing the latest asphalt plant mix technologies that will greatly improve the crack and rut performance of any asphalt mix design. Dario Alvarez of Surface Tech and Phil Blankenship of Blankenship Asphalt Tech & Training will be presenting innovations with aramid reinforced asphalt solutions.

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ACE XP field test

ACE XP® versus Paving Fabrics — you owe it to your next pavement to compare

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The advent of Surface Tech’s new ACE XP pavement overlay solution utilizes one of the strongest man-made fibers in existence — para aramid. ACE XP in a hot-mix, hot-laid overlay application can go head-to-head with typical fabric interlay applications in terms of cost. But in terms of performance, ACE XP comes out on top. It’s faster and easier to apply and more effective in reducing cracks.

A mix reinforced with ACE XP can be laid, worked, rolled and finished exactly the same as a regular mix with no special steps needed from the lay down crew. And as a bonus, ACE XP is fully recyclable. With paving fabrics, millings often go to the landfill. That makes ACE XP the sustainable choice for long-term pavement owners.

“We’ve had a lot of success with ACE XP in overlays, because once contractors use it, they love it,” said Michael Scardina, Regional Sales Director. “It’s a faster install, more crack resistant, and as a plant mix product, there’s no need for third party contractors so all the job profit stays in-house.”

ACE XP turns regular asphalt into a high-performance overlay, with the advantage of a faster and more consistent installation process. And since the overall cost of ACE XP competes well with the overall cost of installed paving fabrics, the only remaining question in your mind should be, “Why haven’t I tried it?”

For more information on ACE XP and other paving innovations from Surface Tech, contact us.

Webinar-Asphalt 101 - PART 3

WEBINAR: Asphalt 101 for Producers: Using ACE XP & ARMI Polymer Fibers in Plant Production

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This Webinar – #3 in a three-part series – will be delivered by Surface Tech and moderated Phil Blankenship of Blankenship Asphalt Tech & Training. Focus is on plant production using the ACE XP Polymer Fiber and ARMI reflective crack interlayer products. The discussion will include plant set up, necessary equipment available from Surface Tech for plant blending of the Aramid fibers, plant training and certification and how producers can make more money when embracing these technologies. Lastly, Phil will walk through the newest crack testing procedures for running IDEAL CT crack tests in the typical plant materials lab.

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Webinar ASPHALT 101 - Part Two

WEBINAR: The Future of Asphalt – Good, Better, Best & Test

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This Webinar – #2 in a three-part series – will focus on balancing mix design with two main performance tests, IDEAL CT for crack resistance and Hamburg Wheel Tracker for rut resistance using innovations such as ACE XP Polymer Fiber for asphalt reinforcement and ARMI reflective crack interlayer that will help the industry achieve a better balance between cracking and rutting performance moving forward.

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Taylor County Airport

ACE XP Polymer Fiber helps a new pavement design achieve a higher standard in crack prevention

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Taylor County Airport

Taylor County Airport in Kentucky (Photo by Palmer Engineering)

A custom asphalt mix design utilizing ACE XP polymer fibers has given a general aviation airport the long-term solution it sought for a nagging pavement cracking problem. Initial results show the custom design, which combined both a binder layer and a surface layer reinforced with ACE XP, will exceed expectations by greatly reducing cracking potential.

The six-year-old runway pavement at Taylor County Airport in Kentucky was failing. Airport authorities called on Palmer Engineering to provide a desperately needed 15-year-plus solution to the pavement’s micro-cracking problem. Working with Haydon Materials, the team turned to an expert with long-standing experience in designing crack-resistant asphalt pavements.

custom asphalt mix design utilizing ACE XP polymer fibers“Haydon Materials brought in Phil Blankenship from Blankenship Asphalt Tech & Training,” said Joe Dennis, Surface Tech’s chief technology officer for asphalt.

“The airport authorities were concerned that numerous cracks in the existing pavement could lead to failure, a common failure in airport pavements as aging occurs can create FOD — Flying Object Debris — causing a danger to the aircraft and potentially the traveling public.”

No milling was done on the runway pavement prior to re-paving. This meant the existing cracks would be exposed to the bottom of the  binder layer and would ultimately  reflect upward through the new pavement. The solution called for an inordinately crack resistant and resilient binder layer that either needed to be custom-designed, or an expensive two-dimensional geosynthetic rolled interlayer product.

“As a member of Surface-Tech’s Technical Advisory Committee, Phil is well versed on the capabilities of ACE XP, and he set about designing a completely new binder layer asphalt mix using it.”

Blankenship was able to deliver a design that Haydon could produce in its plant and pave with existing paving equipment. Using ACE XP in the new binder layer design gave Haydon Materials an effective crack resistant solution, while maintaining cost control for this demanding application.

The customized ACE XP mix achieved a new level of flexibility for the binder layer. The new binder layer design — a finely graded, highly asphalted crack resistant mixture — greatly reduced the potential for cracks to reflect upward from the base through the new pavement.

An  ACE XP reinforced surface mix was also designed utilizing a higher-than-normal asphalt content to provide even greater crack resistance than a typical FAA asphalt mix design,

“The development of this unique combination of mix designs for the binder and surface layer is an exciting advancement for the paving industry that holds great promise for dramatically improving crack prevention,” said Dennis.

“With this new approach, contractors can also control the quality in both production and installation, as the new mix design is simply incorporated into the contractor’s production processes, thus eliminating third party contractors to install the 2-dimentional geosynthetic rolled interlayer product.”

For more information on ACE XP  crack resistant designs, contact us.

custom asphalt mix design utilizing ACE XP polymer fibers

New and improved MD3+

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More accurate than ever  — just in time for the asphalt season

MD3+ dosing system for asphaltLast July, Surface Tech introduced the MD3+, the latest version of its Micro Doser system that can handle both 19mm or 38mm sizes of ACE XP polymer fibers. This year, the MD3+ comes with added improvements to the computer interface, which tracks the total weight used and average dosage rate right on the home screen to ensure the accurate dosing of 4.2 ounces of ACE XP into each ton of produced asphalt.

“We are proud to announce that we’ve succeeded in making some programming enhancements that improve the dosing accuracy even more —MD3+ can now dose to within 2 percent of the dosage rate. This is well under Surface Tech’s suggested 5 percent in our product and dosage specifications,” said Joe Dennis, vice president & chief technical officer.

Additionally, Surface Tech has ramped up the availability of the MD3+. The company will be stocking a fleet of more than 20  MD3+ systems strategically around the country and making them available just in time for the spring asphalt season.

To find out how to add the MD3+ and Surface Tech’s revolutionary ACE XP polymer fibers to your next asphalt project, Contact Surface Tech today. We make asphalt stronger than steel, with a life cycle that can go the distance.