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Enhanced Performance and Lower Costs. What's in Your Asphalt?


The Toughest Rutting & Cracking Asphalt Resistance

Para-Aramid Polymer Fiber


Low Cost, High Performance, Sustainability

REARM HR is formulated to let you use more RAP.


Drastically reduce asphalt cracking from the bottom up.

ARMI - Aramid Reinforced Membrane Interlayer - for the toughest asphalt on the planet.


Our core is innovation.

We develop ways to make building materials better, stronger, and longer lasting.


Innovation drives us.

Surface Tech is committed to developing the most advanced additives for concrete and asphalt, not only adding strength and durability, but improving the sustainability of these materials. 


Our  innovative processes, technologies and products make building materials better, stronger and longer-lasting.  Extensive research and development, laboratory testing and field trials have proven the Surface Tech advantage.


We are building a sustainable future.

Superior Performance

3D reinforcement for superior performance.

Ease of Adoption

Easy to specify. Easy to produce. Mixes thoroughly in seconds.


Our products are designed to use fewer resources and reduce carbon footprint.

Cost Savings

Save money by extending life time of asphalt or concrete.
Our Company Values

Stay ahead of the curve.

Surface Tech offers forward-thinking technologies developed through strict adherence to proven scientific disciplines and processes. We invest heavily in research and product testing, and each product offered is developed with a keen respect for the critical path that construction projects follow. We stay ahead of the curve by constantly focusing on solutions that add strength, longevity and resilience to asphalt and concrete materials.

Our Company
Our Commitment

We were born to educate.

As innovators, we are committed to provide the education and training necessary to implement our technologies. New equipment and methods often accompany new technologies, and we strive to make adoption of our cutting-edge solutions a manual-free exercise that ensures successful implementation. Our commitment to education and training sets us apart, both in terms of product benefits and in long-term customer satisfaction.

Our Education Process
Our Technology

We were born to disrupt.

As inventors of new technologies, we naturally disrupt conventional methods. The vision to constantly improve, upgrade and re-engineer underpins our corporate culture and pushes us to create products that out-perform, adopt easily, save money and deliver sustainability benefits that can protect the environment for generations to come. Disruption in this form is essential to progress.

Our Technology

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