The world's most
accurate dosing.

Accuracy & Precision

When it comes to dosing we have you covered. How do you know ACE is in your mix? DFNDR can accurately dose to your mix design and provide a guarantee of inclusion. 

Accurate dosing matters. You don’t want job profits to fly away in waste, and DFNDR ensures you get an accurate dose of fibers — guaranteed for every mix. It’s also validated by a Daily Report and an optional PE stamp. Why put up with waste and loss? Call us to try the world’s best dosing system on your next mix.

Made in the USA

Our equipment is built by ISO 9001:2015 certified professionals, UL Listed, and Made in the USA. It’s designed and engineered to our exacting specifications by HIS Innovations Group, a company that provides solutions for the semiconductor, biopharmaceutical, aerospace, defense, and national research laboratory industries. Built tough, DFNDR provides easy, reliable, on-site dosing backed by unparalleled training and 24/7 support from our QC Team. You want your jobs to turn out right, and with DFNDR, we’ve got your back.

DFNDR - How It Was Made
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