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Advisory Board

Surface Tech is pleased to work with these outstanding professionals as our Advisory Board and Board of Directors.

Surface Tech collaborates with a variety of industry experts to ensure we fulfill our commitment to continually improve our products and services.


Do you work in the asphalt industry? Do you love to talk about asphalt? Do you enjoy helping others in the asphalt industry? If so, you belong here.


Nick Slinde

As a founding partner of the Slinde Nelson law firm, Nick formerly advised businesses on corporate strategy, operational matters, real estate acquisition, development and construction and commercial litigation/settlement. Based on this prior experience, Nick caught the entrepreneurial bug and found himself wanting to build something that disrupted an industry resistant to innovation. From that, Surface Tech was born. Nick continues to bring a unique perspective to Surface Tech, its expanding product base and growing geographical footprint.

Prior to founding Slinde Nelson, Nick spent four years as General Counsel and Vice President of Land Acquisitions & Development for a large real estate development company in Portland. In that capacity, he helped identify acquisition targets, secure financing, and advance projects through the land use and sale process. Nick earned his BA in Journalism/Rhetoric from the University of Iowa in 1997 and graduated from the University of Oregon School of Law in 2000. Nick has served as a member of both the Board of Directors for the American Red Cross and Classic Wine Auction in Portland, OR.


Steve Santa Cruz

Steve is a true entrepreneur. Over the course of his career, he has built a family of companies that center in the construction industry and commands a strong reputation as an industry leader and innovator. He began his professional career with one of the largest multi-state, design centers centered in the Southwest. He then founded SC Design Companies which rose to become one of the largest most respected design centers in the US (west focused). He also founded a software consulting company that offered several enterprise products he built and commercialized. He also founded Distinctive Homes, a San Diego based infill homebuilder. Steve subsequently served as a Board Director and interim-President of an emerging wall-manufacturing company; as well as serve as a VP for an emerging SAAS company developing its national sales footprint.

He continues to provide consultive services through his SC Business Partner platform. Steve attended Carleton College studying Business. He sits on the Western US Advisory Counsel of the National Asphalt Paving Association (NAPA).

As Surface Tech’s President, he is leading the organization with its charge to responsibly infuse new, sustainable technology solutions into the asphalt and concrete industries. More art than science, he is fully committed to meeting the industry’s needs through proven solutions to challenges plaguing both industries. As an innovations-platform company, Surface Tech (North America) is uniquely positioned to be the new-solutions partner-of-choice for years to come.

Chief OPERATING Officer

Pat Weaver

Pat Weaver is an internationally known and trusted expert in the asphalt industry. As chief operating officer, Pat oversees overall operations as well as strategy and new product technology.

Pat brings a wealth of experience to the COO role. His career spans roles in asphalt mix design, new product development, plant operations, sales and marketing, and executive management. He has worked on a wide range of projects, including the Phoenix APEX Racetrack, various auto manufacturer proving grounds, numerous FAA airport reconstruction projects in cities across the U.S., and a wide range of projects for the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).

In addition to his experience in the asphalt industry, Pat has designed unique concrete mixes used for high-profile projects such as Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Arizona Science Center among many others. He holds a patent for a process to package deactivated cement and cement activator. Pat is a frequent guest speaker for various industry associations, webinars and podcasts, including NAPA’s Pave-It-Black series, and has published articles in multiple media outlets. He has also taken an active role in many asphalt industry associations, including leading executive committees, and he is an expert on the process of obtaining Environmental Production Declaration listings.

“Pat is a known and trusted Asphaltist. He brings a host of networking, operational, and extensive asphalt and concrete expertise to our table. We look forward to collaborating with him as a contributing member and mentor to our team.”   

– Steve Santa Cruz, President of Surface Tech

Consultant – Government Affairs Liason


Jay Hansen spent the past 25 years leading the government affairs team for the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) and in that role served as the industry’s key representative on federal legislation and important issues.

“As a highly recognized and trusted government affairs representative in Washington, Jay succeeded in helping set the guidelines for the asphalt industry’s goals,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President of Surface Tech. “He helped grow the highway program, secured research funding for the asphalt industry, and defeated harmful pavement type-selection and pavement design mandates that would have been detrimental to the asphalt paving market.  It is an honor to have him join our team and we look forward to additional legislative advancements for our company and our industry in the future.”

During his successful tenure at NAPA, Hansen secured $140 million in congressionally supported airfield and highway research funding. Working with grassroots and other like-minded associations, he also played a lead role in establishing the first ever Transportation Construction Coalition Fly-in in 2001 that has become the highway construction industry’s premier legislative event in Washington, DC.

Today, there is a tremendous amount of interest in Congress regarding construction materials, with the Biden Administration now prioritizing the procurement of low carbon asphalt and concrete.  In Congress, there is now committee and congressional staff dedicated to looking at how these materials are manufactured, used, and procured. They are looking for ways to decarbonize the construction industry.

“With the solutions that Surface Tech offers in extending the life of asphalt pavements utilizing EPD-listed products, I am excited to be able to share with our legislators and decision-makers evidence of a proven technology that can positively impact carbon reduction in asphalt paving,” said Hansen. 

Hansen will be developing and implementing an overall corporate government affairs strategy and directly engaging with members of Congress, regulators, and industry associations to raise awareness of the continuing need to adopt workable solutions for increasing sustainability in asphalt pavements.



As a leader with both creative and analytical skills, Jason oversees the planning, development, and execution of Surface Tech’s marketing and advertising strategies. He has been responsible of late for clarifying the company’s value proposition through a series of new branding executions resulting in a revamped website and other improvements in the company’s strategic marketing initiatives.

Jason brings more than 25 years of industrial design, branding, and manufacturing experience to his new role as CMO. His work has appeared in leading design publications, and he has received numerous international design awards. His portfolio includes more than 40 design and utility patents in the fields of consumer electronics, software, packaging, medical devices, and software. Speed to market, with a critical eye for detail and simplicity, is the driving force behind his multidisciplinary design process.

Jason holds a BS in Industrial Design from The Ohio State University. His previous work experience includes Nike, Proctor & Gamble, Skylab Architecture, and founder of New Studio. 

Patrick J Weaver

Business Development Director

Patrick J. Weaver

Patrick J Weaver is an extraordinary professional whose diverse background spans across military service, construction, and plant management. His wealth of experience and leadership acumen positions him as a true asset to the next stage of growth and adoption of our ARCA solutions. With a remarkable track record of success, Patrick is ready to make an indelible mark on our industry.

Before joining Surface Tech, Patrick excelled as the general manager at Solterra Materials Arizona, where his unwavering commitment to technological advancement led to the construction of state-of-the-art plants that set new industry standards. His visionary approach and meticulous attention to detail ensured that Solterra Materials remained at the forefront of innovation.

Patrick’s remarkable journey also includes his role as the plant manager at Preferred Materials Inc in Melbourne, Florida. There, he consistently demonstrated his exceptional management skills and unwavering dedication to excellence.

In addition to his professional achievements, Patrick is a proud military veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps. His four years of service saw him deployed to the Helmand province of Southern Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) 07/09. Patrick played a pivotal role in Operation Strike of the Sword, the largest Marine offensive since the Battle of Fallujah in 2004. His service and leadership showcased his unwavering commitment to his country and the values he holds dear.

Furthermore, Patrick’s passion for making a difference extends beyond his professional and military endeavors. As a State Advisor for Arizona on NAPA’s Advisory Council West region, he actively contributes to the development and advancement of the industry.


Regional Sales Director / U.S. California

Taylor Schmidt

Taylor Schmidt brings excellent experience and knowledge of all things asphalt to his role as regional sales director for California. His experience in mix design and placement started from the ground level up on paving crews.

At Titan Transportation he gained experience in sales and dispatch and continued advancing in this area during a later tenure at California Commercial Asphalt (CCA). There he rose from dispatcher and inside salesman to handling all inside and outside sales as well as trouble-shooting jobs. A go-getter by nature, Taylor sold one million tons of asphalt and a combined 500,000 gallons of sealcoat and emulsion for CCA.

Later, as sales manager at Escondido Materials, he broke all prior sales records by putting customer needs first and ensuring the delivery of a quality product. His intense focus on quality helped reduce the amount of bad material credits by 95 percent.

His experience also includes a stint at World Oil Refining where he handled sales of paving and roofing grade asphalts statewide.

Taylor’s dedication to putting the needs of customers first, plus his knowledge of all aspects of asphalt paving, fits well with Surface Tech’s commitment to excellence in providing asphalt solutions that build stronger, longer-lasting pavements.

Technical Director / Canada

Michael J. Simons, P.Eng.

As Technical Director for Canada, Michael J. Simons, P. Eng., applies his knowledge and experience of fiber reinforced asphalt to assist governments and private companies design asphalt pavements that prove long-lasting and resilient to wear and weather.

Working with owners and engineers, he applies his extensive background in design, construction and promotion of geosynthetic systems across Canada to provide improved and innovative solutions to their pavement challenges.

Michael was introduced to ACE XP Polymer Fiber in 2016 while working with Nilex Inc. as the General Manager, Ontario. He quickly became a major driving force in Canada educating clients about the benefits of adopting of polymer fiber-reinforced asphalt pavements.

Michael holds a B.E.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the University of Western Ontario and has gained a considerable level of technical expertise through his 27 years of experience in the construction industry. His resumé includes work with road building contractors, civil and geotechnical engineering consultants and geosynthetic manufacturers and distributors. Over the course of his career, he has held business development, technical and senior management roles.

Regional Sales Director / Canada – West

Alex Snell

As an Account Manager, Alex assists in Quality Assurance and training on the various applications of Surface Tech’s ACE Polymer Fiber™ product. He was introduced to ACE XP Polymer Fiber in 2018 and quickly became a leading advocate in its distribution, training, and management of projects.

Alex fully understands the product’s advantages works with owners and engineers to design the innovative pavement solutions available with ACE XP Polymer Fiber.

With more than 15 years of experience in the construction field in Alberta with companies like Volker Stevin and Nilex Inc., Alex knows the business from the ground up. He began his career as a laborer before moving to Quality Control, Project Coordinator and Project Manager/Sales.

Through the years, Alex has established good relations within many sectors of the infrastructure industry, including oil/gas, MSE walls, and roads.

Alex holds a Business Degree in Marketing from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology – Calgary.

Strategic Resource

Amy Miller

Amy Miller brings a wealth of experience to our Advisory Board. She is a founding member of the Women of Asphalt Association and held positions as a civil engineer and as a key account manager for W.R. Grace before moving into management positions of pavement industry associations.

Her extensive work experience encompasses civil engineering, pavement design, sales and management, as well as collaboration on a wide range of projects within both the asphalt and ready-mix concrete industries.

Amy is a licensed Professional Civil Engineer and a Certified General Contractor. In addition to her Bachelor of Science in Engineering she holds a Master of Business Administration, both from the University of Florida.

Consulting Advisor

Dr. R. Buzz Powell, P.E.

Buzz earned a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at Auburn University (AU) with an emphasis in pavements and geomaterials.  He worked for 12 years with the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) in pavement testing, pavement management, construction testing, pavement research, and materials characterization.  

He worked for 2 years in the private sector consulting in highway construction, with a focus on testing pavements for quality control and quality assurance.  

He became the first Test Track Manager at the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) in 1999.  He was responsible for building/rebuilding the NCAT Pavement Test Track 8 times and safely applying tens of millions of ESALs of pavement damage to hundreds of experimental pavements using virgin aggregates, reclaimed/recycled materials, asphalt binders, and mix additives from throughout the United States.  

He became an Assistant Director at NCAT in 2007, later becoming an Associate Director and Research Professor in 2020.  Buzz has been directly involved in numerous research projects through experiment design, material selection, mix design, construction, and pavement surface characterization on the NCAT Pavement Test Track.  

He retired from his position as an NCAT Associate Director and AU Research Professor in the fall of 2023.  Buzz is committed to synergizing his DOT experience in writing/enforcing specifications, his private sector experience in specification compliance, and his NCAT experience in innovation / implementation to promote safe and sustainable asphalt pavements at the lowest possible life cycle cost.

Expert Advisor

Collin Browning

Collin is President of Site Supply Inc. — a technical sales organization and distributor of construction materials for site development projects. Site Supply Inc. offers many commodity, proprietary and patented products. These innovative products include ACE XP Polymer Fiber for HMA/WMA reinforcement.

The technical sales and supply expertise makes Site Supply Inc. uniquely qualified to take new and innovative products to the market. Site Supply’s clients typically include Engineers, Architects, Government Agencies, Owners, Developers and Contractors. They work closely with designers to develop appropriate project designs and specifications for the products and systems.

Asphalt Consulting

Phil Blankenship, P.E.

Phil’s career as a professional engineer includes more than two decades in the asphalt industry. He provides valuable insights for asphalt materials research. Phil has been instrumental in assisting Surface Tech in mix designs, product testing and providing technological assistance to our distributors.

Phil is widely recognized within the asphalt industry through published research and as prominent speaker and trainer. His experience includes a decade with Koch Industries, where he was a platform technology developer for the company’s research into the effectiveness of high-polymer asphalt interlayers and polymer hot mix. In a subsequent decade, he was the Senior Research Engineer and mixture lab manager for the Asphalt Institute.

Asphalt & Concrete Consulting

Ronald Stickel

Ronald Stickel provides consulting services for aggregate, hot mix asphalt and concrete producers and contractors. His decades-long experience in the paving industries makes him uniquely suited to the innovations-forward philosophy of Surface Tech. Ronald’s experience spans virtually every aspect of paving — mix designs, technical services, quality assurance, forensic investigation and product development.

Before launching his consulting business in 2014, Ronald spent more than two decades heading up the Quality Assurance Department for Teichert Materials, where he oversaw a staff of 33 technicians responsible for aggregate/asphalt/concrete materials research, product development, and quality assurance and control for 16 aggregate facilities and eight concrete operations in Northern/Central California and Northern Nevada.

Building on his vast repertoire of knowledge and experience, Ronald continues to provide a wide range of consulting services to benefit both the asphalt and concrete industries.
Monetizing knowledge for commercializations Roadmaps with clients.

Brian Majeska

Mr. Majeska has over twenty five years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Technology and Innovation in the road and chemicals industry. He has held leadership roles at Koch Industries where as Vice President of Technology he along with a team of professionals led the launch of numerous technologies including the introduction of NovaChip in the U.S. Additionally, Mr. Majeska worked with the leadership team in setting up asphalt businesses or joint ventures in Brazil, China, and Mexico.

Mr. Majeska now heads Adventus Material Strategies with Dave Henderson and Joseph Lorenc. The team is passionate about creating creating customer value in marketing, commercialization, & technical strategies into industry.
Brian Fennell

Technical Sales:  FL, SC, GA


With over 30 years of experience in the asphalt and pavement preservation industries, Fennell is a highly respected products specialist with a proven track record of success. Fennell’s expertise in hot mix asphalt and asphalt emulsions, and his experience developing and launching go-to-market strategies with a diverse range of processes and products, is instrumental in helping customers in the region understand the benefits of ARCA products.  

The company’s ARCA products — Aramid Reinforced Composite Asphalt — have proven to be a game-changer for producers and government DOT agencies alike, providing significant performance and increased durability for pavement surfaces. Surface Tech’s EPD certifications and adherence to ASTM standards for accurate, continuous aramid fiber dosing make it easy for producers to adopt ARCA into all asphalt mixes. Brian has served on multiple regional and national industry association boards, including the National Asphalt Pavement Association.

Asphalt Consulting


Under the direction of Phillip Blankenship, PE, MSCE, Blankenship Asphalt Tech and Training (BATT) offers civil engineering consulting services, laboratory testing services and specialized training in asphalt materials. has experience with laboratory setup, safety, and management.

Phil holds multiple patents and is experienced with product evaluations, development, trials and commercialization. He can assist with specification writing and review, product testing plans, pavement investigation, and a wide variety of training topics (mix design, balanced designs, design optimization, performance testing for rutting, cracking and fracture energy). Technical training is tailored for specific needs and includes professional development hours (PDH).

Zack McKay serves as BATT Laboratory Manager. With nearly a decade of experience working in the asphalt industry, he specializes in asphalt mixture performance testing and analysis and brings strong understanding of mixture designs to BATT.

Zack also has a strong background in training, having developed and instructed training courses specifically in mixture design and testing.

Quality Paving Consultants

Jarrett Welch

Jarrett Welch is the President of Quality Paving Consultants. With over two decades of experience in the asphalt paving and construction business, he is recognized as an expert and leader in the industry.

Jarrett is well versed in aggregates, mixture designs, production and placement of asphalt pavement and new technologies. During his career he has assisted in the development and implementation of several industry-standard specifications. He is a contributin writer for several industry publications and currently serves on many state and national industry committees.

Stacie Steel

U.S. Northwest

Stacie Steel, PE, offers a depth of experience in asphalt and concrete pavements. She has provided infrastructure-related civil engineering and project management consulting services to both public and private sector clients for the past 20 years.

Stacie’s technical expertise centers around all things pavements: structural design, materials design and specifications, sustainability, life-cycle cost analyses, pavement management, preservation and rehabilitation, QA/QC, materials testing, and forensic evaluations.

Throughout her career, she has worked on paving projects for many national commercial retailers, municipalities, and airports. Stacie has proven leadership and organizational capabilities, as evidenced by earning the President’s Choice Award from the WTS Colorado Chapter early in her career. She currently serves on the WTS Puget Sound Chapter’s TransportationYOU Committee, and is dedicated to ensuring access to local outdoor recreation opportunities serving on the Board of Directors for the Lonesome Lake Preservation Group.