MD3+ dosing system for asphalt

Get Certified to Operate Surface Tech’s Precision Dosing Equipment

Surface Tech’s micro dosing machinery — the MD3 — takes the guesswork out of the process of mixing ACE XP Polymer Fibers® into produced asphalt. And now a new online course helps remove the guesswork on how to operate the system.

The MD3 dosing system delivers a highly calibrated method for adding ACE XP Polymer Fibers® to any asphalt mixture, and once you achieve certification, you’re ready to operate the MD3 and put it to work on your next project.

Contractors who have come to depend on ACE XP Polymer Fibers® to make asphalt more durable and long-lasting will definitely appreciate how the MD3+ provides a foolproof process for adding the fibers to the mix.

Operators tell us they find the MD3+ dosing system to be extremely user friendly. It can serve as a permanent plant fixture or be outfitted in a cargo trailer for mobility purposes. It sets up in minutes and can be operated by one person.

The training program is easy to follow, and most producers will find it’s a cinch to get certified. To get started on your certification, contact your Surface Tech representative for access.

Surface Tech MD3.0 Automated Dosing Machine for ACE XP
Line-Vac Delivery System – 2-Man Station
Line-Vac Delivery System – 1-Man Station

Certification Courses are available for the MD3+. Additional courses are scheduled to be released for the LINE-VAC and the MINI in the near future. Fill out the form below to gain access to our Certification Program.

The Test/Certification is intended for Customers that have been pre-selected for course interfacing. If you are interested, please contact your Surface Tech representative.