Sustainable Pavements Redefined:

Surface Tech's EPD-Certified Aramid Fibers

Building a Better Tomorrow with ACE XP™ and AQU™

Our Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for ACE XP™ and AQU™ aramid fibers signify our dedication to environmental excellence. By integrating our ultra-low carbon products into your mix designs, you can dramatically reduce the Greenhouse Warming Potential (GWP) of your projects, crafting asphalt that stands the test of time—both in durability and sustainability.

Commitment to Transparency and Trust

Our EPD certification is a testament to our commitment to sustainability. It ensures that you have access to transparent, verified information about the environmental performance of ACE XP™ and AQU™ aramid fibers. This certification empowers you to make informed choices about the materials you use and guarantees that your part of a movement towards responsible long life low carbon asphalt.

ACE XP™ and AQU™: The Backbone of Long-Life Asphalt

ACE XP™ and AQU™ aramid fibers are engineered for endurance. By enhancing your asphalt with ACE XP™ and AQU™, you extend the life of pavements, prevent cracking, reduce the need for repairs and replacements, and thus, minimize the carbon footprint associated with frequent construction activities. Longevity in infrastructure has never been more attainable with proven results.

Lowering the GWP in Every Mix

Incorporating ACE XP™ and AQU™ into your asphalt mix designs can significantly impact your Greenhouse Warming Potential. Our aramid fibers are not just a component of your mix—they’re a proactive step towards a low carbon, net zero world.



As a leader with both creative and analytical skills, Jason oversees the planning, development, and execution of Surface Tech’s marketing and advertising strategies. He has been responsible of late for clarifying the company’s value proposition through a series of new branding executions resulting in a revamped website and other improvements in the company’s strategic marketing initiatives.

Jason brings more than 25 years of industrial design, branding, and manufacturing experience to his new role as CMO. His work has appeared in leading design publications, and he has received numerous international design awards. His portfolio includes more than 40 design and utility patents in the fields of consumer electronics, software, packaging, medical devices, and software. Speed to market, with a critical eye for detail and simplicity, is the driving force behind his multidisciplinary design process.

Jason holds a BS in Industrial Design from The Ohio State University. His previous work experience includes Nike, Proctor & Gamble, Skylab Architecture, and founder of New Studio. 

Stacie Steel

U.S. Northwest

Stacie Steel, PE, offers a depth of experience in asphalt and concrete pavements. She has provided infrastructure-related civil engineering and project management consulting services to both public and private sector clients for the past 20 years.

Stacie’s technical expertise centers around all things pavements: structural design, materials design and specifications, sustainability, life-cycle cost analyses, pavement management, preservation and rehabilitation, QA/QC, materials testing, and forensic evaluations.

Throughout her career, she has worked on paving projects for many national commercial retailers, municipalities, and airports. Stacie has proven leadership and organizational capabilities, as evidenced by earning the President’s Choice Award from the WTS Colorado Chapter early in her career. She currently serves on the WTS Puget Sound Chapter’s TransportationYOU Committee, and is dedicated to ensuring access to local outdoor recreation opportunities serving on the Board of Directors for the Lonesome Lake Preservation Group.