Strategic Advisors

Surface Tech collaborates with a variety of industry experts to ensure we fulfill our commitment to continually improve our products and services.

Phil Blankenship, P.E.


Phil’s career as a professional engineer includes more than 24 years in the asphalt industry. He provides valuable insights for asphalt materials research. Phil has been instrumental in assisting Surface Tech in mix designs, product testing and providing technological assistance to our distributors.

Phil is widely recognized within the asphalt industry through published research and as prominent speaker and trainer. His experience includes a decade with Koch Industries, where he was a platform technology developer for the company’s research into the effectiveness of high-polymer asphalt interlayers  and polymer hot mix. In a subsequent decade, he was the Senior Research Engineer and mixture lab manager for the Asphalt Institute.

His work  closely aligns with Joe Dennis, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, to forge collaborative relationships with DOT Departments, industry trade groups and leading academics within the asphalt industry. He also provides technological assistance to Surface Tech distributors.

Phil Blankenship Website

Intelligent Concrete

Technical Concrete Advisor

Surface Tech has secured Intelligent Concrete to act as a third-party technical advisor for its advanced mineral admixture, JUNO XP.  The product provides a variety of benefits as a partial substitute for traditional binders and can even deliver significant cost savings in applications such as soil stabilization, mass concrete and shotcrete. Yet because it is a new product, questions can arise.

“Any prospect, any client, has the ability to reach out to Intelligent Concrete as an additional resource when they have questions about our concrete products, particularly JUNO XP,” said Steve Santa Cruz, president, Surface Tech.  “This state-of-the-art lab provided cutting edge technical assistance throughout the development phase of Juno and has done an excellent job of jettisoning the product to full commercialization.”

Juno Concrete

Intelligent Concrete is an independent, accredited and well recognized research and product development firm headed by husband and wife team Jon and Whitney Belkowitz. The couple brings PhD-level brainpower to the study of concrete. Whitney serves as president and CEO while concentrating on research into the characterization and optimization of concrete products. Jon, as director of Research & Development, focuses on applying nanotechnology to concrete products. David W. Harris, PhD, PE, oversees engineering projects, and Paul R. Bryant, PE, serves as principle engineer for commercial applications.

“Intelligent Concrete is recognized globally for excellence in making concrete do the impossible, and their team has been indispensable in the development of JUNO XP,” said Santa Cruz. “Their technical support will provide customers information and specifics that will enable them to better understand the advancements in mineralogy and nanotechnology that make JUNO XP an ultra, high-performance binder for concrete.”

Existing and potential customers may reach out to Intelligent Concrete for advice or information at

Intelligent Concrete Website
custom asphalt mix design utilizing ACE XP polymer fibers

Jarrett Welch


Jarrett Welch is the President of Quality Paving Consultants. With over two decades of experience in the asphalt paving and construction business, he has become recognized as an expert and leader in the industry.

Jarrett is well versed in aggregates, mixture designs, production and placement of asphalt pavement and new technologies.

During his career he has assisted in the development and implementations of several specifications, writes for publications, and currently serves on many state and national committees.

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