Advisory Board

Surface Tech is pleased to work with these outstanding professionals as our Advisory Board and Board of Directors.

Phil Blankenship, P.E.


Phil’s career as a professional engineer includes more than two decades in the asphalt industry. He provides valuable insights for asphalt materials research. Phil has been instrumental in assisting Surface Tech in mix designs, product testing and providing technological assistance to our distributors.

Phil is widely recognized within the asphalt industry through published research and as prominent speaker and trainer. His experience includes a decade with Koch Industries, where he was a platform technology developer for the company’s research into the effectiveness of high-polymer asphalt interlayers and polymer hot mix. In a subsequent decade, he was the Senior Research Engineer and mixture lab manager for the Asphalt Institute.

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Jeff Grillo

Construction, Operations, Engineering, and Supply Chain Executive

Jeff Grillo is president of JLG Construction Management; he is a managing partner with World Wide Professional Solutions and a principal of Thornton, Grillo and Esparza. As a construction operations and supply chain executive, he has worked to create solutions that close the gap between the owner and supply chain capabilities. The three companies he stewards align to provide collaborative strategies, offer construction management teams and supply high-rise office and residential design/build solutions.

“What is now proved was once only imagined.”

— William Blake

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Neil Tunmore

Strategic Resource

Neil Tunmore brings an extensive background and experience at Intel Corporation in senior positions in Finance, HR, Facilities and Construction. He focuses on execution, strong leadership and clarity of strategy and vision. The challenge of driving change in the construction industry drew him to facilities management and global construction. Neil is also drawn to innovation and disruption in the construction industry and embraces trying new methods and materials.

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.”

— Arthur C. Clarke

Asphalt road

Joe Dennis


Mr. Dennis has an extensive background in bringing Engineered Products and Services to the Construction Industry. He has decades of technical expertise in the construction industry by way of technical sales and product development.

He graduated from The Ohio State University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, then joined CONTECH and held several positions including VP of Engineered Products and Services. After, he joined the engineering firm, CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd where the QA/QC mixing process started for Surface Tech’s ACE XP Polymer Fiber. In 2016, he helped form BreakThrough technologies, a Master Distributor, exclusive for North American distribution of Surface Tech’s line. Surface Tech then hired Joe in the Fall of 2017 and he enjoyed roles of CTO and Business Development Lead until he recently joined Site Supply in OH as their technical specialist director of Surface Tech’s product line as Site Supply engages in an east-US territory expansion.

Joe’s expertise and interests meld perfectly with the innovation intent that runs through Surface Tech. Now, as a Consulting Advisor, coupled with his expertise, we move beyond simply offering a product, to delivering innovative business solutions as our hallmark to the asphalt industry.

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