Surface Tech is pleased to work with these outstanding professionals as our Consulting Advisors in the United States and Canada.


Asphalt road

Joe Dennis

Consulting Advisor

Mr. Dennis has an extensive background in bringing Engineered Products and Services to the Construction Industry. He has decades of technical expertise in the construction industry by way of technical sales and product development.

He graduated from The Ohio State University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, then joined CONTECH and held several positions including VP of Engineered Products and Services. After, he joined the engineering firm, CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd where the QA/QC mixing process started for Surface Tech’s ACE XP Polymer Fiber. In 2016, he helped form BreakThrough technologies, a Master Distributor, exclusive for North American distribution of Surface Tech’s line. Surface Tech then hired Joe in the Fall of 2017 and he enjoyed roles of CTO and Business Development Lead until he recently joined Site Supply in OH as their technical specialist director of Surface Tech’s product line as Site Supply engages in an east-US territory expansion.

Joe’s expertise and interests meld perfectly with the innovation intent that runs through Surface Tech. Now, as a Consulting Advisor, coupled with his expertise, we move beyond simply offering a product, to delivering innovative business solutions as our hallmark to the asphalt industry.

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Vince Aurilio, P.Eng.

Consulting Advisor

Surface Tech is honored to have Vince Aurilio, P. Eng. join us as a Consulting Advisor. His wealth of experience in Canada, and his knowledge of Canadian pavement designs spans more than 38 years, with more than two decades of practical experience with SuperPave. Vince is a licensed professional engineer with specialization in pavement design, rehabilitation and maintenance as well as materials engineering for roadways and airports, in both the private and public transportation sectors.

Most recently, Mr. Aurilio has been advancing the use of the Asphalt Mix Performance Tester (AMPT) for evaluating and improving the performance characteristics of hot mix and warm mix asphalt for airport and roadway applications. He is also a strong proponent in the application of Balanced Mix Design (BMD) to improve pavement performance.

Mr. Aurilio’s knowledge and experience will be a great asset to Surface Tech as we continue to strive to develop cost-effective, technological solutions for the pavement industry.

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