Distribution & Quality Control


As an innovations product and new technologies company, Surface Tech has a direct relationship with a network of best-in-class distributor firms across North America. These distributors handle Surface Tech products in both divisional disciplines. By partnering with regional and local distribution channels to complement the already strong Surface Tech promotional support of its product lines, there is a comprehensive delivery of full service attention to specification, product sales, training, technical support and jobsite QC. In conjunction with its products and QC, Surface Tech also combines full engineering services to support design assistance for owners and specifiers looking for application assistance.


Surface Tech includes a quality control (QC) program to deliver a turn-key product and mixing service package for proper and seamless deployment and dosing of its Fiber during production at the plant; be it through DIY certification, on-site technician(s) mixing service, or through its own state-of-the-art designed auto-metered equipment. And if desired, inclusive of a PE Certified stamp for the mix. By adding the mixing services as part of the product sale, Surface Tech eliminates the uncertainty Producers have in using the product, and provides peace of mind to the Owners and Specifiers that they are getting what they ordered.


Similarly, Surface Tech provides expertise and oversight for its concrete divisional product line. Its line is more conventional, as they are add-mixtures. However, through its third-party resources and strict QC direction and controls, the product line up follows stringent guidelines for consistent and accurate blending and dosing. Its pre-mixed products have an engineering oversight and call for specification satisfaction. ASTM and AASHTO standards are all met with our products.

If you have a specific need in your city or state, please call or email today. A Surface Tech representative will guide you and provide expert attention for any size project.

Distribution Partners

Surface Tech Distributors are located throughout the United States and Canada.