JUNO XP Concrete

Improve Concrete’s Strength, Durability & Workability.

JUNO C33™ is derived from a natural calcium silicate mineral. Cement is more efficient when mixed with JUNO C33™, and concrete performance is greatly enhanced. JUNO C33™ improves flexural strength, crack mitigation, and overall toughness. Less cement will be required to meet the specified performance for concrete, which will reduce your concrete material cost and carbon footprint.
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JUNO C33 is a functional fine aggregate meeting ASTM C33; the Standard Specification for Concrete Aggregates. JUNO C33 is a revolutionary concrete material developed by Surface Tech and its certified technical specialists. Using cutting-edge advancements in mineralogy, JUNO C33 improves the performance at a microscopic level within the concrete matrix. JUNO C33 extends the hydration process leading to denser concretes with improved strengths, toughness, and resistance to cracking.

The enhanced performance provides alternatives for optimizing concrete mixes for reducing costs, reducing the heat of hydration, or reducing the carbon footprint associated with a concrete mix design.

JUNO C33 permits either the reduction of cement and/or higher volumes of SCMs in concrete, without sacrificing performance in either the plastic or hardened state. Savings are dramatic, and range depending on the concrete application.

Consider the advantages:

  • Improved flexural strength
  • Improved toughness
  • Improved crack mitigation
  • Use less concrete material with improved performance
  • Reduce carbon footprint

Strengthen Concrete. Extend Service Life.

JUNO C33 reduces the amount of resources required to produce concrete by acting as a partial binder (cement/fly ash/GGBFS) replacement. This replacement provides three primary benefits:

Use Less Cement. Reduce Carbon Footprint.

JJUNO C33™ provides a unique and innovative material for today’s demanding concrete mixes. It’s a fine aggregate advancement that meets ASTM C33 — the standard specification for concrete aggregates. Added to concrete or other cementitious mixtures to supplement local aggregate and cementitious blends, JUNO C33™ improves aggregate systems and densifies the concrete matrix during hydration by providing a functional catalyst that creates a more workable cement.

Interested in a Pilot Program?

Surface Tech and our local distributors have developed a first-time-user program called the JUNO™ Pilot Program. Get the details here, or call one of our concrete experts. We’re here to help.

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