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Surface Tech is revolutionizing the concrete industry with innovative solutions that provide new and more beneficial means to solve traditional methods and practices. We find ways to make building materials better, stronger and last longer with our best-in-class concrete solutions.

Sustainable Solutions

EPD Verified Certificate
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Mineral Technology

Surface Tech has pioneered a way to enhance a mined mineral to improve concrete mix designs. It can serve as a binder partial replacement product and as a fine sand replacement product. These advancements have proven to enhance the performance characteristics of concrete, including strength (early and latent PSI), crack mitigation at micro-levels, ASR, color fastness and density, while also maintaining fresh and hardened properties, durability, toughness and workability. Our patented dry-mix solutions are easy to adopt, and because of their cement replacement ability, increased sustainability is achieved through CO2 and carbon footprint reductions.
Surface Tech has submitted its concrete additive products to extensive testing at both trusted academia and private labs and continues its commitment to meeting industry standards through extensive investments in research. As a result, Surface Tech continues to differentiate itself with superior performing products that prove to be cost effective, easy to use and good for our environment.

Easy to Use

Binder Partial Replacement Solution

Juno XP™ (ASCM) is a patented C1709-certified dry mix that enables up to a 20% reduction in traditional cement binder (dependent on prior optimization) with a concentrated 5% replacement of its fine sand aggregate product (volumetrics made back in fine sand add).

This reduction in traditional cement binders allows for increased sustainability, greater cost and maintenance savings, and improved workability and toughness. Plus, JUNO XP™ is easy to adopt and scalable as needed. Given today’s raw material degradations JUNO XP™ is a reliable alternative supplementary cementitious material that meets exacting specifications as both a partial replacement or as an added insurance solution to achieve improved mix performance.

JUNO XP™ (ASCM) – 1709

Using cutting-edge advancements in mineralogy and pozzolans, JUNO XP improves the performance of concrete at a microscopic level. This includes strength (compressive and tensile), toughness, workability and shrinkage control. Juno XP – an alternative supplementary cementitious material – can be used to partially substitute traditional cement binders in standard concretes, as well as in specialty applications, such as Soil Stabilization, Mass Concrete, Shotcrete and above-grade vertical wall construction.

Aggregate Partial Replacement Solution

JUNO 33™ (ASM) is a patented C33 certified dry mix that enables a 5% fine sand replacement coupled with up to a 15% cementitious binder reduction (dependent on prior optimization). It also allows for a concentrated replacement percentage of its product, depending on mix design characteristics and performance targets. This reduction allows for improved sustainability in environmental benefits, greater cost savings and performance maintenance, and enhancements to the mix. JUNO 33™ is easy to adopt and scalable to demands. Given the current degradations of raw materials, JUNO 33™ is a reliable alternative aggregate / cementitious material that deserves consideration as both a partial replacement, or as added insurance to achieve improved mix performance.

JUNO 33™ (ASM)

EPD CERTIFIED:  JUNO 33 is derived from a natural calcium silicate mineral so it does more than supplement a fine aggregate. Nucleation sites form in between cement grains, increasing strength and improving durability properties of concrete.

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