Asphalt Innovations

Surface Tech has succeeded in developing revolutionary solutions that vastly improve asphalt mixtures. Our innovative solutions add strength, crack resistance, rut resistance, fatigue resiliency, toughness, and extend the service life of any asphalt mixture. Our products are proven in the field with project sites throughout the United States and Canada. Take a closer look. It pays to compare.

Aramid Technology

Surface Tech has refined the use of para-aramid fibers in asphalt mixes. Because of its physical performance characteristics, these fibers have proven to be an excellent solution especially for crack mitigation and extending the life of pavements in the move toward today's efforts to utilize balanced mix designs. Para-aramid fibers from Surface Tech deliver a high temperature ceiling along with high tensile strength in a readily available polymer solution that adopts easily into plant operations.
This versatile product has been fashioned by Surface Tech to provide cutting-edge solutions for overlays, interlayers and high RAP content mix designs. Moreover, para-aramid fiber solutions from Surface Tech have been researched and investments made to create advocacy from a stellar line-up of academic and independent labs throughout North America, as well as some of North America’s best asphalt producers, pavers and engineering firms.
Committed to excellence in innovation, Surface Tech continues to differentiate itself with superior performing products that are cost effective, easy to use and good for our environment.

Overlay Solution

ACE XP™ Polymer Fiber is the smart choice for today’s demanding pavement designs. Boasting high performance for both cracking and rutting, it also delivers a dramatically extended service life compared to regular pavements, creating a cost effective and high performing solution. Our patented wax binder ensures a 100% delivery of the fibers into the HMA/WMA, creating a confident dosing solution for all QC-conscious plant personnel. Surface Tech’s auto-dosing equipment offers precise infeed and provides daily data and an optional PE certification for any plant-type in the market.

ACE XP™ Polymer Fiber


ACE XP™ is a true achievement in additive technology to enhance asphalt performance.

ACE XP™ uses aramid fibers exclusively. Aramid is a unique, man-made, high-strength fiber boasting high tensile strengths over 400,000 psi (5 x steel), a superior stress/strain relationship, and decomposition temperatures exceeding 800oF (well above asphalt mixing temperatures of 400oF).

Inventive Solution

AQU XP™ Polymer Fiber is a complement to ACE XP™ Polymer Fiber.

It’s the same para-aramid, but with a different binder complement. We use AQU XP™ for micro-surfacing applications, as well as an active aramid ingredient for our ARMI™ and REARM HR™ products. Its aqua binder allows for an extremely low energy requirement for aramid delivery into intended mixes, creating a versatile option to the more rugged ACE XP™ product. It’s another example of Surface Tech’s responsible commitment to providing innovative solutions for all asphalt channels.

AQU XP™ Polymer Fiber

To create AQU XP™ Polymer Fiber, Surface Tech binds para-aramid fibers with a water molecule. The binder acts as a delivery mechanism, allowing the para-aramid fibers to address two major distresses affecting asphalt performance today — cracking and rutting. AQU XP™ disperses over 19 million para-aramid fibers throughout each ton of mix to provide three-dimensional reinforcement that increases the asphalt’s resistance to reflective cracking, rutting and fatigue. The result:  Increased life expectancy.

Best of all, no specialty contractors are needed for installation. Contractors handle AQU XP™ reinforced asphalt the same way they handle standard asphalt, which makes it easy to adopt.

Interlayer Solution

ARMI™ — our patented, producer-made-paver-laid, one-inch flexible reflective crack interlayer — improves the bottom-up crack resistance of standard asphalt mixes by 7 to 10 times and reduces expensive maintenance over the life expectancy of the pavement. Infused with our aramid polymer fibers and coupled with locally sourced materials specified to proper gradation, ARMI™ makes for an easily adopted solution to bottom-up crack mitigation. ACE XP™ Polymer Fibers reinforce the overlay, making it the best crack resistant and long life pavement design on the market today.



ARMI™ — Aramid Reinforced Membrane Interlayer — sets a new standard for asphalt pavement crack resistance by providing a permanent plant-produced-and-paver-laid one-inch thick asphalt interlayer. The standard ARMI™ product will drastically reduce both bottom-up and top-down crack penetration, providing unparalleled crack resistance.

ARMI+ is further modified to achieve the crack resistance specific to the owner’s performance needs and expectations.

High RAP Content Solution

REARM HR™, our patented high-RAP content mix design (35-50%+), allows for a high performing, non-brittle mix design that competes with no- or low-dose RAP content mixes. The recycling of RAP stockpiles is a sustainable practice that minimizes the use of raw materials. REARM HR™ delivers exacting performance confidence, along with mitigation of cracking and rutting, resulting in an extended pavement life. A highly refined bio-oil modifies the aged RAP binder, and by infusing our aramid polymer fibers for structural reinforcement, Surface Tech has succeeded in developing an exceptional solution for high RAP asphalt.



REARM HR™ combines two products to achieve the desired HIGH RAP percent mix design. The first product is a highly engineered bio-oil that softens the virgin binder of the RAP mix. The second product is a treated para-aramid polymer fiber that reinforces the combined virgin and RAP binder to improve the rutting and cracking performance. The key to the performance improvements relies on the unique strengths of each product.

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