KYTC Dixie Hwy US-31W

Overlay Project with Hall Paving


KYTC Project Dixie Hwy US-31W


Date:  March 2020

Contractor: Hall Paving

Client/Owner: KYTC

Location: Louisville, KY

Product: ACE XP™ 


Four Year Comparison showed 80% fewer cracks in the ACE XP™ fiber lanes.

In 2015, Hall Paving in Louisville, KY paved a couple-mile test section on heavily traveled Dixie Highway (US31). A one-mile section served as a control, and portions of the other were reinforced with ACE XP™. The ACE XP™ overlay section turned out so well, the University of Kentucky’s Transportation Center will reference it in an upcoming white paper.

“The first year out there was minimal cracking in both sections. They both looked the same. But from there on out, the cracking on the ACE XP™ reinforced section basically stopped. The difference is now astronomical. It proves how good this product is for overlays and for base,” states Jordan Sandquist, Quality Control Manager of Hall Paving.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) has recently begun using ACE XP™ on select projects, and Hall Contracting has increased its ACE XP™ reinforced paving to above 30,000 tons per year on Louisville city streets, with a goal of using even more RAP (recycled asphalt pavement) on Louisville city streets with Surface Tech’s new REARM HR™ technology.

“We’ve worked with Phil Blankenship and BATT Labs to develop innovative paving solutions. He’s the godfather of Strata and developer of Surface-Tech’s new ARMI Interlayer, and Hall has provided more of this type of work in Kentucky than almost any other contractor. Phil always promotes a different perspective and brings new options our way.”

Cracking on the ACE XP reinforced section basically stopped.

“Several years ago, we set out to find innovative solutions that would help us compete better. We told ourselves, ‘Let’s be the most innovative and have the best asphalt.’ We now have videos on trucks to show the results we’re getting. Sometimes data is hard to quantify, but actually seeing first-hand results with ACE XP versus traditional, it’s hard to argue with that.”

For details on how you can test ACE XP on your next project, visit Pilot Program.-