Challenged by Balanced Mix Design initiatives?

We have an innovative solution. ACE XP™ aramid polymer fiber additive is a technological breakthrough in both asphalt hot mix and balanced mix design.
Easy to use — mix in plant or on site — and lay it, work it, roll it and finish it the same as any other mix. The only difference? Outstanding results in both crack and rut resistance.
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ACE XP™ Polymer Fiber  is a true achievement in asphalt additive technology to enhance performance.

To create ACE XP™ Polymer Fiber, Surface Tech binds para-aramid fibers with Sasobit wax. The binder acts strictly as a delivery mechanism; allowing the para-aramid to address the two major distresses affecting asphalt performance today – cracking and rutting. Doing so also dramatically improves the treated roads’ life expectancy. When ACE XP™ is mixed into asphalt, it disperses over 19 million para-aramid fibers throughout each ton of mix to provide three-dimensional reinforcement that increases the asphalt’s resistance to reflective cracking, rutting, fatigue, while increasing life expectancy. And best of all, no specialty contractors are needed for installation. Contractors handle ACE XP™ reinforced asphalt the same way they handle standard asphalt. This underscores the technology that makes ACE XP™ easy to adopt.

Consider the advantages:

  • Manual, semi automated, or fully automated dosing capabilities
  • No change to mix design:  Simply add ACE XP™
  • 30% increase in performance:  All mixes perform at higher PG level
  • Balanced improvement — longer life, with improved crack and rut resistance
  • Small amounts net big results — only 3.4 oz per equivalent ton of mix

Strengthen Pavement. Extend Service Life.

ACE XP™ is a significant achievement in additive technology to enhance asphalt performance.

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Engineered for Performance.

ACE XP™ Fiber mixed in PG 64-22 hot mix asphalt has been extensively tested based on the Texas Transportation Institute’s Balanced Mix Design Method. The purpose of this testing was to quantify the cracking and rutting performance improvements of ACE XP™ in hot mix asphalt. The results shown below are impressive. By adding ACE XP™ Fiber to the PG 64-22, the cracking resistance significantly improved.

MAPIL test results for Ideal CT and HWTT
Good, Better, Best Test

Interested in a Pilot Program?

Surface Tech and our local distributors have developed a first-time user program called the ACE XP™ Pilot Program. Find out all the  details here or call one of our asphalt experts. We’re here to help.

Our department is well versed on the crack-resistant benefits of ACE XP and how it can add years of life to roadways, thus reducing the cost of more frequent replacements. Public works officials plan to utilize the product throughout 2020 and beyond.

Brandon MilarCalAPA Technical Director

ACE XP has become a go-to option for asphalt reinforcement. Be it in overlays or full depth applications, ACE XP is chosen to extend pavement life, dramatically reduce cracking and stabilize rutting.

Phil Blankenship, PE, MSCEAsphalt Mix Design Consultant

I have been adding ACE XP to the plant since 2015. It is easy to use and just works, Louisville Metro is sold on the cracking performance increase of pavement reinforced with ACE XP Polymer Fiber.

Jordan Sandquist, PEQA/QC Manager – Hall Paving, Louisville, KY

DOT’s are finding that using ACE XP Polymer Fiber can help achieve their Balanced Mixed Design Initiatives.

Collin Browning, PE – President Site Supply, Columbus, OhioPresident Site Supply, Columbus, Ohio

The ease and cost effectiveness of fiber still makes it worth the purchase. Knowing that we have a 37% higher crack resistance is huge.

Matthew NicholsMesa County

Documents & Videos

TXDOT Corpus District

TXDOT Corpus District

ACE XP™ Pilot Program

Beacon Roofing

Beacon Roofing

Parking lot asphalt replacement (100,000-sf) with ACE XP™

KYTC DIxie Hwy US-31W

4-Year ACE XP Comparison

WHITEPAPER: Building Better Roads with ACE XP

WHITEPAPER: Building Better Roads with ACE XP

San Diego Public Works - Fairmont Avenue

ACE XP™ Mixing Process

ACE XP™ Mixing Process




Advanced Mineral Admixture



Advanced Mineral Admixture



Advanced Mineral Admixture

ACE XP Polymer Fiber for asphalt

Spotlight: ACE XP Polymer Fiber

MD3.0 Automated Dosing Machine

Ohio parking lot using ACE Fiber

Mason Business Center Parking Lot

City of North Vancouver Mountain Hwy

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