custom asphalt mix design utilizing ACE XP polymer fibers

Drastically reduce asphalt cracking from the bottom up.

ARM™– Aramid Reinforced Mix Interlayer – is a technological breakthrough that reduces reflective or thermal cracking of pavement overlays.
The standard ARMI™ product will drastically reduce both bottom-up and top-down crack penetration through the one-inch-thick interlayer providing unparalleled crack resistance.

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Aramid Polymer Fiber when added to typical base and surface asphalt pavements has shown to improve crack resistance from 25% to 60%.  The Aramid Reinforced Membrane Interlayer (ARMI™) takes asphalt pavement crack resistance to the next level, providing a permanent plant produced and paver laid 1” thick asphalt interlayer.

The standard ARMI product will drastically reduce both bottom up and top down crack penetration through the 1” thick interlayer providing unparalleled crack resistance.

ARMI+ is further modified to achieve the crack resistance specific to the owner’s performance needs and expectations.

Both ARMI and ARMI+ are engineered with a special asphalt mix design and liquid binder which is hot-mixed and hot-laid to stay in place even though the surface course above is replaced 2 or 3 times during the life of the interlayer. Adding a special designed ACE XP reinforced surface course will provide the most crack resistant system on the market today reducing costly maintenance over the life of the pavement.

Consider the advantages:

  • Slow Reflective Cracking
  • Slow Thermal Cracking
  • Reduce Surface Crack Water Penetration
  • Longer Pavement Performance
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost over the life of pavement
  • Use in asphalt overlays over concrete pavements
  • Use in asphalt overlays over moderate to severe cracking asphalt pavements

Strengthen Pavement. Extend Service Life.

ARMI (Aramid Reinforced Mix Interlayer) =
7x Crack Resistance
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Engineered for Performance.

ARMI is engineered to provide superior crack resistance by balancing rutting performance with impressive cracking performance of both the IDEAL-CT and Bending Beam Fatigue Tests as shown below:

ARMI Test Results 1
ARMI Test Results IDEAL CT

Cost Savings Comparison

ARMI is cost effective compared to various types of interlayer products.

ARMI Cost Comparison 2.5" overlay

Interested in a Pilot Program?

Surface Tech and our local distributors have developed a first-time user program called the ARMI Pilot Program. Find out all the  details here or call one of our asphalt experts. We’re here to help.

Documents & Videos

ARMI<sup>®</sup> and ACE XP<sup>®</sup> Technical Brief

ARMI® and ACE XP® Technical Brief

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Reflective Crack Relief Interlayer

ARMI<sup>®</sup> DATA SHEET


Reflective Crack Relief Interlayer

ARMI<sup>®</sup> BROCHURE


Reflective Crack Relief Interlayer

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