Low Cost, High Performance Sustainability

Breakthrough Technology

The asphalt industry is moving toward a smarter future. Recycled asphalt pavement, or RAP, has been a cornerstone of the North American Asphalt industry for decades. However, high RAP mixes resulted in premature cracking. Today, by combining balanced mix design, lab performance testing and the latest technologies, we can revisit the use of this vital resource in many markets of North America.

REARM HR combines two products to achieve the desired HIGH RAP percentage Mix Design. The first product is a highly engineered bio oil to modify the virgin binder of the RAP mix. The second product is a treated para-aramid polymer fiber that reinforces the combined virgin and RAP binder to improve the rutting and cracking performance. The key to these performance improvements is relying on the unique strengths of each product.

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Combining Technologies

By varying the dosage of each product, 50% RAP usage can be obtained with improved performance.

TUFFTREK 4007, manufactured by Georgia-Pacific Chemicals, typically 1 to 5% of total binder content, is used to modify the virgin binder’s PG, which compensates for the added aged RAP binder.

AQU-XP Polymer Fiber™ is used to reinforce the resulting combined binder with 10 to 20 million individual high strength 38mm aramid fibers, depending on dosage.

By varying the dosage of each product, 50% RAP usage can be obtained without sacrificing performance of the lower RAP design mix. In fact, improved performance can be achieved if desired.

At the Plant

Plant-introduced technologies are a SMART choice for asphalt producers.

TUFFTREK 4007 and AQU-XP Polymer Fiber™ are introduced at the plant during production. This puts the control with the plant and allows for the HIGH RAP mixes to be started and stopped as necessary to accommodate other manufacturing needs. TUFFTREK 4007 is available in totes, tanker or rail cars and is in-line added to the virgin binder during production. AQU-XP Polymer Fiber™ is added to either the RAP Collar of a drum plant or the weigh hopper of a batch plant. Equipment for dosing both materials is available to purchase or rent with the purchase of the REARM HR technology from Surface Tech and/or their Distribution Partners.


Sustainable Benefits

Reduce your stockpiles of RAP with a high quality asphalt concrete mix you can count on — and that will give you important sustainable benefits.

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Reduce the Virgin Binder Used
Reduce the Virgin Aggregate Used
Reduce Use of Polymer Modified Binders
Reduce the Mountains of RAP
Lower Cost of Asphalt Pavement
More Roads Paved with the Same Budget
Lower Valuable Raw Materials Used
Sustainability & Lower CO2 Emissions

AQU-XP Material Properties

Para-Aramid Fiber (75% by weight)
Fugitive Binder (25% by weight)
1.5" (19mm)
Water Bound & Cut Fiber Clips
1.44 g/cm3
400,000 psi

Engineered for Performance

How does AQU-XP Polymer Fiber make asphalt more durable?

Aramid Fibers are used extensively in many industries and applications including ballistic protection, heat & cut protection, automotive, ropes & cables, conveyor belts, etc. However, it takes a special fiber to withstand the extreme production temperatures of asphalt concrete without changes occurring to the reinforcement properties of the fiber. That is why AQU-XP Polymer Fiber™ uses para-aramid fibers exclusively. Para-aramid is a unique man-made, high-strength polymer fiber boasting high tensile strengths over 400,000 psi (5 x steel), a superior stress/strain relationship, and decomposition temperatures of 932oF (well above asphalt mixing temperatures of 350oF). 1.5” long fiber lengths are STANDARD for superior long-term performance.

Field Tested - Proven Results

Fig 1 – IDEAL CT and Hamburg Wheel Tracker Data for Control Mix with 5.6% PG 64-22 Virgin Binder and 20% RAP. High Rap Mix with 36% RAP, TUFFTREK 4007 & 38mm AQU-XP  Polymer Fiber Testing Performed by Blankenship Asphalt Tech & Training.

The road to sustainability just got smoother. Surface Tech's REARM HR combines technologies to reshape the way we think about high-reclaimed asphalt pavement (high-RAP) mixes in road construction.

Get SMART. Use more RAP.

Your turn to make a move

Let us partner with you to help reduce your stockpiles of RAP with a high-quality asphalt concrete mix you can count on — and that will give you important sustainable benefits.